From My Prayer Book, Father Lasance

The Practice of Charity

Seek occasions to please the Heart of Jesus by the practice of holy charity in always thinking and speaking well of your neighbor, assisting the poor according to your ability, spiritually and corporally, considering Jesus Christ in their person, and doing nothing to them which you would not wish to be done to yourself.

Be patient toward all, in order to give confidence to each one, and above all to the poor who come to you in their need. Be a friend to everyone and an enemy to no one; then you will become like unto God.

Charles IX, King of France, once asked the poet Tasso who, in his estimation, was the happiest. Tasso replied without hesitation: “God.”

“Everybody knows that,” continued the king; “but who is next?”

And Tasso answered: “He who becomes most like to God.”

The Highest Pleasures

The highest, the best, the most permanent pleasures are those which are not sought, but which come from the faithful fulfillment of life’s duties and obligations.

Indeed, eager search after pleasure in any direction is always fruitless, because it implies a condition of mind to which enduring happiness is a stranger.

Selfishness and enjoyment may dwell together for a brief season, but the latter will soon wither away under the absorbing influence of the former.

Don’t Go To Heaven Alone

Don’t go to heaven alone! Take somebody with you. Mothers, take your children with you. Pray as long as you have breath in your body – never despair and never give up the hope that your loved ones, no matter how far their footsteps have wandered, will one day stand with you before the Great White Throne.

Let Us Go About Doing Good

If we are educated, let us, in the Master’s name, instruct the ignorant; if we possess wealth, let us use it as God intended; if we have health, let us cheer some drooping soul.

If we enjoy any singular opportunities, consider them prayerfully, and in so doing we shall find that the moments that really shine out in our lives are those in which we have buried self and gone out into this busy and sinful world, and have endeavored, by prayer and effort to do the will of Him, whose one great mission was to go about doing good.


From a precious little pamphlet written by Father Lovasik:


“Encourage him to talk about himself, especially his life away from home. Begin by asking him leading questions about his work. This is not to suggest you be prying or overly inquisitive. But steer the conversation to things he is interested in and then encourage him until he is wound up in his subject. When you see that he is enjoying the conversation, keep it going by your comments and questions. Then learn to listen.” – Helen Andelin, Fascinating Womanhood


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