Lent is passing quickly! Here we are, less than 2 weeks away from Easter! I hope it is going well for you and these last 2 weeks are fruitful.

Below are some photos of our doings and then a Giveaway at the end of the post. Don’t forget to sign up by making a comment here on this post!

Rosie is preparing the Crown of Thorns made from unleavened bread dough. It will harden and the toothpicks (thorns) will be waiting to have a pretty silk flower topping it as the children do their sacrifices….

By Easter it will look lovely and the sacrifices the children made will live on forever….

We have no place to put a “bread” Crown of Thorns so we put the idea to paper. This is a big poster board that is mounted to the fridge. If it is a big sacrifice, the sharpies come out and a flower is drawn on a thorn. Three little sacrifices suffice for a flower, too.

Filling up! Interesting species of grandifloras, wouldn’t you say? What artists I have!

Virginia’s family also has a jar of beans. Every time a sacrifice is made a bean is put in the jar. At Easter, the beans will be replaced with jelly beans and divvied out between the kids.

My dear mother is on the far right as a bridesmaid for her best friend many years ago. My mom is 80 years old now and doing well. She’s a Naturopathic doctor and still sees clients at her home. She’s amazing!

She is one of my dearest and best friends!

Devin and Theresa and their family pose on their new land! They are very excited about it and hope to build in the future!

Virginia’s new haircut! Lovely!

Virginia’s been very busy sewing these Easter dresses for her two little girls. Oh and I mustn’t forget the crocheted hats with the handcrafted flowers! Does this surprise you? Me neither. Yawn. Just another day in Virginia’s boring life with 7 children, oldest is 10. πŸ˜› Aren’t they lovely!?

Our beautiful (inside and out) daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, with our grandson, Isaac. What a smile!

Z (Elizabeth) did a lovely St. Joseph’s altar for their family….

Our son, Colin, poses after a hard day’s work!

This is what happens when Margy is tired of being “holed up” in the sewing room/office. She likes to be where the action is and so drags everything out to perform her sewing miracles!

It was very special to go and visit my dear friend, Mary’s, cousin, Paula, who was here just for a week for Mary’s funeral, etc. And the treasure of this visit (well, there were two very special treasures) was that we were able to visit in Mary’s home, just as Mary had left it. It brought back a flood of good memories…a little hard, but still very special.Β  Here is the Tribute to Mary if you haven’t read it.

The other treasure of that visit is that Paula gave us a Rosary made by Mary. Besides all the talents Mary had, she was a master Rosary-Maker. Isn’t it beautiful?! It is very precious to me! <3

New grandbaby, Rita Mary!

Baptism…Colin and Z are Godparents. Father Kodet is our very good priest. He really is amazing. He is always ready to help, to encourage, to be at the forefront of activities and sports for the kids, to lead meetings….whatever it takes. We are so grateful for him!

I feel so very blessed that hubby found this deal at an Estate Sale. I have wanted one all my life….the beautiful statue of the Infant of Prague with His many outfits that match the the colors of the Liturgical Year. Here He is , in his Purple Lenten robes…

Here is His garb for Laetare Sunday.

He will wear red from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. If you look up the statue you will find it rich with history and with miracles. I remember well, in Powers Lake, ND, many years ago, the good sisters reverently and gingerly dressing the Infant in the chapel for the different seasons of the Church. Like I said, I feel blessed!! πŸ™‚


Here is the Giveaway! It will be just in time for the recipient to get it for Easter!! I will announce the winner this Monday, April 10th!

You will get a beautiful Kanzashi Ribbon Flower made by my daughter, Jeanette, and a matching wire-wrapped bracelet made by moi. Beautiful Peach for Spring!

You will also get my Spring Maglet, A Sunshiny Disposition!

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