Happy Easter!


Happy, Happy Easter! What a glorious feast! I hope your day was fine and your Easter week is one filled with many blessings!

I have a gallery for you today but a few things first.

My new web address is http://www.finerfem.com. This is a lot easier than the wordpress one. If you still have the old one, it will redirect you to the proper site. But it is better you use the new one as this will help Google to recognize it. I have noticed that when you Google Finer Femininity now, because of the new address change,  it is harder to find. This is the way I direct people to my site because it is simple (or used to be). So if you could please use this new address I would appreciate it!!


I am also very excited to introduce to you my new Finer Femininity App available on Androids and Iphones!!

My dear friend, Colette Abascal from Ocean Star Apps, put much time in building the App and I am very grateful to her! She is amazing!


Here is the link to her Website, Ocean Star Apps.

It’s a beautiful little App and I want to thank Colette for all her efforts!

Try it out!



This is the latest video from Fr. VanderPutten….an example of the amazing tenacity and perseverance that goes into the building of a church in Nigeria! (Fr. VanderPutten is narrating).


Easter thought for today:


Here is the gallery for our Holy Week and Easter! Click on the first picture to view. There are captions included.

As I looked at these pictures I noticed that it looked like Easter was painting eggs and having fun….and it was! But our Faith permeated it all. We went to the Easter Triduum which was so beautiful. The solemnities, the Masses, the Traditions that date back to ancient times are all wrapped up in our Easter and lay the foundation for the festivities.



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