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For your creative inspiration on this Throwback Thursday!

Being creative is something that we love to do here!

We all have some sort of creativity within us. Oftentimes it lays dormant because of busy lifestyles, lack of ambition, finances, etc.

This post is meant to encourage you to pick up that needle, that paintbrush, pick that bouquet for the middle of your table, get your camera and go out in nature to take a photo, etc. These things bring joy to the one who is creating and joy to the recipients! It doesn’t have to take a degree, lots of money or tons of time.

I think it is very important to bring back to life the creativity that God has given us! Don’t let your lifestyle get so busy that you don’t squeak in a little something, just a moment or two where you can let those creative juices flow! It is like therapy to a weary soul!

These past few months we have done some creating around here. I love the beauty of such innovative things and so…. I take pictures!!

Some of my girls are not creative in the way you would think of creativity. I tell you this because there are many ways to express ourselves….baking, a lovely dinner, a beautiful garden, etc. It’s not all about a needle and some yarn….Find your niche and begin your innovative path!

Here’s a picture of me with all of my girls. They are all so unique and very special! They have creative streaks, every one of them, expressing  them in different ways. I don’t have pictures of each one’s “streaks” but I have included some of them here.


You are familiar with Virginia (far left) and her lovely masterpieces. She is like King Midas….everything she touches turns into something beautiful! Here are some of her latest creations:

IMG_1251 IMG_1250 IMG_0806

Just the other day I took a picture of her mantle…bursting with Creativity!


And here are some sweet handmade outfits:



A wreath and a lampshade for the newlyweds (her brother and new sister-in-law):

IMG_3196 IMG_3197

Theresa, third from the left, has her own type of creativity.  She loves to bake and makes beautiful cakes for others. Here is her sourdough bread. Most of us struggle to get the sourdough right, she gets it right every time!IMG_3186

Her little family just moved and she has decorated her home and is preparing her flower beds….


IMG_3225 IMG_3221 IMG_3224IMG_3194 Rosie (4th from the right in the picture) is the landscaper around here and she does a beautiful job! Here she is working away in the rain.


A picture of her in the flowers and a lovely bouquet!

IMG_3068 IMG_3035

Hannah (2nd from the left) loves to sing (she has a lovely voice) and she bakes some beautiful bread!


Margy (2nd from the right) loves to paint and crochet! Here are some of her latest projects:

IMG_0768 IMG_0546 IMG_0484

Jeanette (3rd from the left) does some beautiful crocheting and kanzashi flowers! She and Virginia made the fascinators for a friend’s wedding coming up this weekend.


I have been busy, too. Here is my messy end of the table. I clear it off about once a week and apologize for it the rest of the week. (My girls like a clean table). 😛


I tackled a big project this winter, after Christmas. I crocheted a baptismal gown for Jeanette’s upcoming baby.  I found it hard to stick to it but I kept plowing away at it. I carried it wherever I went so I could “stitch a few” on the go.






IMG_1965 IMG_1959 IMG_1957

I usually have a rosary in the making, too. Here are some of my new rosaries at http://www.meadowsofgrace.com:

Oh and I forgot Margy’s other talent…..she is very creative when it comes to making people feel special:


And last but not least, here is Gemma’s (far right in the photo) poem she wrote:

If I were President I would say,

“Do good always and please obey.”

I would stop abortions and Planned Parenthood;

So our future would look bright, and hopefully good.

Yes, if I were elected President Gemma,

I would turn things around with no dilemma.

So you watch out, it might happen one day!

When I’m elected president all the people will say,

“Oh no! There’s a darn VanderPutten in the White House!

I better sneak out of America as quiet as a mouse.”

But I’d catch them by the tail, and tell them what is right.

I’m gonna turn this country ’round, without one bad person in sight!






quote for the day2


Gardens are places of life, growth, rebirth. Working with plants and soil is a therapeutic experience to our stressed-out lives. You don’t have to have acres of land or an emerald thumb in order for gardening to be part of your life. Your garden can flourish in whatever space and time you have to give it.” – Emilie Barnes


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