St. Zelie Rosary Giveaway!


I’d like to offer you today this beautiful Vintaj handcrafted St. Zelie Rosary!

I believe that Saints Louis and Zelie Martin (the parents of the Little Flower) are very powerful for the problems of Family Life….that they will be added to that list of patron saints for the married! This rosary is a lovely reminder of that holy wife and mother, St. Zelie!

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I will announce the winner next Wednesday, June 14th! (Guys are welcome to sign up, too!)

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Lovely poems from the beautiful prayer book Precious Blood and Mother:


Trust Him when thy wants are many;
Trust Him when thy friends are few;
And the time of swift temptation
Is the time to trust Him too.

Trust Him when thy soul is burdened
With the sense of all its sin;
He will speak the word of pardon,
He will make thee clean within.

Trust Him for the grace sufficient,
Ever equal to thy need;
Trust Him always for the answer,
When in His dear name you plead.

Trust Him for the grace to conquer,
He is able to subdue;
Trust Him for the power for service;
Trust Him for the blessing too.

Trust Him when dark doubts assail thee,
Trust Him when thy strength is small,
Trust Him when to simply trust Him
Seems the hardest thing of all.

Trust Him; He is ever faithful;
Trust Him, for His will is best;
Trust Him, for the heart of Jesus
Is the only place of rest.

Trust Him, then, through cloud or sunshine,
All thy cares upon Him cast,
Till the storm of life is over,
And the trusting days are past.


A little while the labor
Eternal the repose;
A little while the trials,
That with this life will close.

And then an unending gladness
And an unfading crown;
A day on whose calm beauty
The sun goes never down.

A little while in exile,
With no abiding place,
And then the home eternal,
Unveiled the bridegroom’s face.

Is any cross too heavy
Or any task too hard;
That Jesus lays upon thee,
And Jesus will reward?

One night the shadows linger
And then the morning breaks,
And God’s own hand the burden
From weary shoulders takes.

And thou shalt see His glory
And hear His words – ‘well done’
The strife forever over,
The battle fought and won.




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