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Remember What Made You Fall in Love



 The Surrendered Wife
Remember What Made You Fall in Love

Sometimes the things that we’re most attracted to at first become the things we find most irritating later on. Maybe you think he’s irresponsible now, but at first you enjoyed his great sense of fun.

Perhaps you were impressed with his success in business and now you wonder why you married a workaholic.

Nothing’s changed about your husband but your perspective.

Examine your complaints to see if you can re-frame them as qualities that you delight in. You’ll soon remember what made you fall in love with your husband.

Why Did You Marry Him?

Are you dismissing the talents he brings to the relationship because you don’t see them as valuable? If that’s the case, then you’re missing out on one of the biggest gifts of marriage — having reinforcements in the areas where you’re weak, and the benefit of two perspectives.

If you still think your husband is not as smart or capable as you, ask yourself why you married him. Answering that question will remind you that those traits are right before your very eyes, and that they’re there for your benefit.

For A Close Connection, Curb Your Urge to Communicate

You may have heard, just as I did, that the key to a good marriage is to communicate. I figured that if some communication was good, more was better.

I was dead wrong.

Even though I have a degree in communications, trying for years to “communicate” with my husband never got me the connection I craved. Instead, I found that my propensity to talk things out actually worked against me because so much of the time I wanted to talk about what he was doing wrong, or wasn’t doing at all.

Of course John and I still talk a lot — about serious and silly things. But now that I practice surrendering principles, we rarely have to “communicate.”

The result? Our emotional connection is better than ever.

Enough said.

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“O woman, woman! If you only knew how much you have it in your power to do,—with His assistance Who can never fail us when we do our best,—to make true men of the husband of your choice, of the sons whom God has given you as his most precious treasures; true women, in their turn, of the little girls who are growing up at your knee,— to be, when you are gone to your reward, mothers blessed and praised by all who know them!” -Rev. Bernard O’Reilly, 1894

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