The Most POSITIVE Positive Affirmation


In my search to become a more upbeat person, suffering from the onslaught of negativity growing up,  I came across the world of….Positive Affirmations!

You know, the kind like: “I CAN do this, I am NOT afraid,” or “Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better!”or “Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy.”

I often tried to turn them into a spiritual saying….otherwise, they seemed empty words to me. I used them…..they helped….sort of. Probably my consistency was off, at least that’s what I told myself. 😛

There is much value to changing your self-talk, to replacing those negative thoughts, those self-defeating suggestions that seem to jump out of nowhere….like a flea gleefully bouncing up and attaching to its victim! And unless you get on top of that negative self-talk that goes round and round in your head, your mind can become a three-ring circus where you keep falling off the trapeze…..and ouch! it hurts.

So if positive affirmations help you to retrain that thought process…..then they can be of value!


That being said, as I knelt in Mass this past week and pondered the meditation in Divine Intimacy on the Holy Name of Jesus, I realized that THIS NAME is the most POSITIVE positive affirmation you can use!

Not that I didn’t know the power of that most Holy Name. I did. But I never thought of it as a remedy, far more efficacious, than any positive self-talk you can do!

How much potency is packed into this one Name! It stops demons in their tracks and causes the angels to bend their knees in adoration! It heals the sick and causes the sinner to repent. Power? Yes!

We should begin and end every endeavor with the name of Jesus!

During the course of your day, do you feel affronted by someone close to you? Say the name of Jesus. Do you feel irritation and frustration? Say the name of Jesus. Do you feel like your opinions are not accounted for and you are upset about this? Say the name of Jesus.

Is confidence lacking? Is your self-esteem suffering? Are you experiencing a bout of self-pity? SAY THE NAME OF JESUS!

He knows what we need, He knows how to change our hearts and our way of thinking! He knows how to reach down into the recesses of our very beings, where there are battle wounds and scars, and heal, strengthen and redeem!

What more could we want? It is so simple.

The Holy Name of Jesus…..2 syllables….also gives us 300 days indulgence each time we say it!! (And if you want to increase the power, dip your fingers in some Epiphany water that is sitting in your holy water font and make the sign of the cross, too)!IMG_4987

From Divine Intimacy:

“O Glorious Name! O Gracious name! Name full of love and virtue! Through You, sins are forgiven, enemies overcome, the sick healed, and sufferers strengthened in adversity! You are the honor of believers, the master of preachers, the comfort of those who toil, the support of the weak. Holy desires are nourished by the ardor of Your fire; and by it, necessary suffrages are obtained, contemplative souls are inebriated, and the triumphant are glorified in heavenly glory!

O Name of Jesus, exalted above every other Name! O triumphant Name! O joy of Angels! O terror of hell! All hope of pardon, of grace and of glory is found in You! O Sweetest Name, You pardon the guilty, You reform evil habits, You fill the timid with divine sweetness and drive away terrifying visions!

O glorious Name! Admirable Name! Venerable Name! Little by little You raise the souls of the faithful by Your gifts and graces to the heights of heaven. All to whom You communicate Your ineffable grandeur, by Your power, attain to salvation and glory.

I want to begin and end all my works by invoking Your Name, and to mark all my affections, desires, undertakings, joys and sorrows with this sacred seal. But O Lord, I beg You, above all, imprint Your Name on my heart and mind, so that I may always love You and think of You.”

Ah yes, how much more efficacious is His Name than a positive affirmation! Let’s remember to use this power throughout the day as we are busy doing the many things that women, wives and mothers do!

May we remember throughout this coming year to have His Name ever on our lips as a means to become more like Our Lady in everything we do!

May your day be blessed!




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