A Fall Greeting


Cheers to you and yours as fall is winding down and we are getting close to Advent. I’m excited. I’m not ready….but I’m excited!


A Tidbit from Gemma:

A Fall Greeting

by Gemma Grace, age 13

Fall is here with all good cheer;

Summers gone right by!

You feel like drinking tea again;

Pumpkin spice and chai.


The leaves are turning brown and orange;

The grass is dead and gone.

The bears are ready to hibernate;

They leave us with a yawn.


There’s corn being harvested

And pumpkins being picked.

You can hear the sound of crunching leaves

And pine cones being kicked.


People are pulling out sweaters

And jackets to be worn.

You’ll bundle up especially

In the early morn.


The air is getting crisp and cold;

The wind is a chilly bite.

You light your wood stove for warmth

And for the cozy light.


The flowers are all dead and gone;

The grass is faded brown.

But fall is here with all good cheer,

So don’t meet it with a frown.

I wanted to share with you this novena to, what I believe, is a powerful saint in these situations. How many of our lives are touched by someone who is suffering from some mental anguish or disease! St. Louis Martin (St. Theresa, the Little Flower’s, father) went through extreme trials in this sphere near the end of his life. Here is a powerful novena to him for depression, anxiety and mental disorders.

“Louis and his family met the challenge with faith, believing this was a trial sent to purify them. In a moment of clarity, Louis told a doctor, ‘I know why the Good God has given me this trial: I have never had any humiliations in my life, and I need to have some.’”…    Read more here.


Some photos:

Many books to ship out!

We love our little graveyard visits from November 1st – 8th…..

Good times with the priests!

Have you listened to the audios Hank the Cowdog? They’re corny, they’re funny! Here, Gin’s kids are enjoying an audio as they all gather about the boombox.

A dear sister-in-law, Danielle, and I pose for a picture at the latest wedding.

Our round table is used for many things!

Getting ready for a game of hockey!

Two little munchkins…

Theresa with her newest addition, Avila Theresa.

Mike and Jeanette at the wedding….

Virginia made this “Anne of Green Gables” apron for Margy’s birthday.

Colin is playing “Pick up Sticks” with his little clan.

He’s not my kid! (eyes rolling)

We have 5 birthdays within 5 days of each other in November. Two of the days have two birthdays on each! So it was time to celebrate with girls’ day out!

I found this sermon enlightening…





As Advent approaches, and if you are using my Catholic Mother’s Traditional Advent Journal (if you are not, this tidbit is still a good reminder), you will want to peek at the following page. It will help you to get the things together you will need to do the Advent Traditions in the book. If there are some activities you are not doing then check or cross them off this list. We do them all but that is optional. Pick and choose as you see fit…


You can also purchase the St. Andrew/Christmas Novena Chaplet here. We have limited quantities of this.

Enjoy, Inspire, Enrich….with these Catholic ditties that will plant the seeds of Faith in those little minds. Available here.


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