Today I would like to offer you a Giveaway!

First, The Precious Blood and Mother Prayer Book! This is a wonderful little prayer book. I have talked about it in the past and have used it all through my married life. It has very special prayers in it! Here is a little book review I did on it.

Also included in the Giveaway is a lovely wire-wrapped rosary bracelet set made by moi. The sweet Kanzashi Ribbon Flower is made by Jeanette.

Just make a comment on this post and I will include your name in the drawing. The winner will be announced next Friday!


Theresa (our daughter) sent us these tidbits:

(Nini is 5, Brendan is 7)

Nini’s take on Adam and Eve…”And God said to Adam and Eve, you can eat all the veggies but not the little apples, which are fruit!”

Nini: “The devil always lies to us, but God doesn’t do one SNIGIT of a lie!!”


I’m listening from the bathroom… Brendan says, “I’m serious, Sienna, people eat sugar, then they get addicted and then they get fat!”

Sienna, “Yuck!”


Brendan said, “Let’s play that Adrian is Donald Trump. We are the yelling people, and he puts us in jail!”


So I said to Sienna that we are going to celebrate Valentine’s early tonight…..With roast chicken, new potatoes with rosemary, sourdough stuffing and a cream cheese and nut tea-ring. She looks at me and says, “Is that all?”πŸ™„ πŸ™„


Sienna was playing by herself with the Pick-up sticks and she asked me, “Mom, if you cheated and went and blessed with holy water, would it take it away?”

I said, “It might, if you do it very reverently.”

She got up and tore off to the holy water font. I guess she must have cheated on herself! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚




My phone’s camera has not been as busy lately but here are a few picture of this month: