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From 365 Things Every Woman Should Knowby Emilie Barnes

If you’re at home when your husband arrives from work, be ready. Drop everything and go to greet him.

Yes, that’s what I said. You know what it tells him when you run to the door to greet him? He’s important to you. He’s number one in your life after our Lord.

You don’t know all that transpired in his day….the frustrations he’s encountered.

That husband of yours could’ve gone a hundred different places tonight.

There are tons of women out there who would like to have him around, no matter what he looks like or what kind of shape he’s in. But he’s coming home to you.

Enjoy him. Let him know you love him.


Is your home comfortable? I find it hard to feel comfortable in a house that’s dirty, cluttered, or disorganized.

I know we are all different in what we can tolerate or like, but I’m convinced that some sense of order is necessary for most people to feel relaxed.

Create a comfortable nest where people you love, including yourself, can work and play and visit. Keep clutter under control and add little touches that to make a home feel warm and welcoming.


Today so many children aren’t involved in their families’ lives. Let’s change that! Get them active in your family.

Start by creating times for sharing and conversation….at the dinner table. Turn off the TV, all phone calls (including cell phones), and any other distractions.

Toward the end of the meal, ask everyone this question: “What’s the best thing that happened to you today?”

Make dinner time fun. Find out what’s happening in your children’s hearts and lives, and let them know what’s happening in yours.

Honor jobs well done, good grades, and positive contributions to the family and community.


No matter what happens keep on praying. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do, I want to encourage you.

So you haven’t gotten everything done… who does, really? But that’s OK as long as you’re in the process.

Keep praying no matter what is going on. When you don’t feel like praying, that’s when you really need to do it!


When was the last time you did something really special to say “I love you” to your husband?

In the morning, tell your husband, “Honey, tonight is a special evening-just for the two of us.”

Then get busy. Set up a card table on your patio or deck – or even in the living room. Get out a beautiful tablecloth, your best napkins, flowers, and candles!

Fix him his favorite meal and your best dessert, put on some soft romantic music, give yourself enough time to look your best, and you’re all set for when he gets home.

He’ll feel like a king and know he’s a top priority in your life!



“Boys and girls must be taught as tiny tots to love modesty. Even though they are too young to sin, they can and ought to be impressed with the beauty of modesty. Training in modesty is pre-eminently the function of the home, to be begun from earliest childhood.” -Archbishop Meyer of Milwaukee, Dressing With Dignity, Colleen Hammond
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