April 2018 FinerFem Newsy-letter (Photos, Info, Fun, Traditional Family Weekend Invite)


I didn’t know quite what to call these more personal posts and then I read something on another site that clicked with me… a newsletter! Of course! It will probably be different that most “newsletters” but let’s just pretend we are still in the era of little hometown newspapers that have the chatty personal touch. So…yes, this is my FinerFem newsletter! It may be random, will have pictures and whatever else I think you might like…. or that I might need to get out of my system (photos!).

First, you are invited to this upcoming event…

The Traditional Family Weekend Summer 2018!!

Questions? Go ahead and ask!

Next….I am excited about the new Podcasts.  I am busy, but I hope I can get some out to you. I don’t know about you, but I like to listen to things when I am driving or folding clothes, or whatever. It’s sometimes easier than finding time for reading…especially mothers with little ones. So…you can either watch for them here or subscribe to the Finer Femininity podcasts on Itunes.

Also, I will have some on my Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiYe0eZIi690knN3pYLp-pQ?view_as=subscriber

I could put them all there (on Youtube) but I don’t necessarily have pictures for each podcast…which is obviously what Youtube is made of. Suggestions?

And now…

From Z (mom):

Grace says, ‘Look it, Jacob. A sick nun!’😂


From Z (mom):

So Jake (6 yrs. old) comes out of the bathroom very excited yet concerned. He says, ‘Mom, I have a loose tooth!’ Then quickly follows with, ‘Oh no…I can’t eat chicken anymore!’😂😂😂


From Theresa (mom):

When Adrian (3 yrs. old) saw the Risen Christ and the goodies, he blessed himself and said, “Thank you, God!”




From Theresa (mom):

If Nini (5 yrs.old) can’t remember something or voice her thoughts correctly, she says her “brains are going bonkers.”


From me:

On Holy Saturday I sent a text to the girls (we have a texting thing going between us. It can get quite lively at times and Holy Saturday was one of those times when we were sharing back and forth what we were all doing the evening before Easter).

Anyway, I was excited about the stinging nettle I got out of the garden…the new little tender leaves that provide many amazing benefits, blood purifying being one of them. We put the leaves in a teapot (the new fancy one I got from Jeanette) and added a spearmint tea bag. It was delicious so I shared this picture with the girls with the following text:

“Stinging Nettle tea, first pick of the season! Very medicinal.”

This was my daughter-in-law, Z’s reply:

“Cheap wine…first bottle of the season….VERY MEDICINAL!!!”


From Z (mom):

Grace thought she was especially classy with clothespins on her ears and nose…

Ethan was not able to handle the racket any longer!


From Jeanette (mom):

I told Agnes (4 yrs. old) at Easter Vigil Mass that when we got home she could roll the rock over (in the Resurrection Garden) just like the movie! She looked at me with her eyes ready to pop and turned to Mag and said, “MAG, WE GET TO ROLL THE ROCK AWAY!!!” She could barely contain herself😄!

She didn’t have it moved over quite enough so she moved it the rest of the way today and said, “Now Jesus can get his other leg out!” 😄


From Theresa (mom):

Little Adrian (2 yrs. old) always has a litany as we drive out the driveway. “Bye Bonnie, Bye Tin-Tin, Bye Stubby.” After we got all the manure for the garden, we were leaving and at the end of his litany he says “Bye, Cow Poop!”



Don’t forget! With Easter arriving, the Angelus is now replaced with the Regina Caeli. You can say it in English (which is what we do) or you can say or sing it in Latin. The Regina Caeli will replace the Angelus until Pentecost Sunday!


I hope you had a fruitful Lent and a most blessed Easter! Here is a gallery of the last 2 or 3 weeks, including Easter Sunday!

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