A Fashion Show….Meet Virginia!


This time of the year I like to repost this as inspiration during this sunny, warm-up season!

Since I wrote this post, 5 years ago, Virginia has had 3 more children (she now has eight)….she has 2 girls now which is balm to a sewing mom’s soul….nothing like pretty dresses to fuss over! She has also made scads more outfits that, if I get my act together, I may post in the future.

In the meantime, it is always fun to look at (and look back at) nice home made clothes… so enjoy!

And if you would like to look at another Fashion Show Post….visit the Spring Fashion Show here.

Who says you can’t be modest and cute at the same time!?

My oldest daughter, Virginia (known by most as Gin) is an excellent seamstress and likes to make clothes for herself, her sisters, her 4 little boys….and now her little girl!

Virginia didn’t take any lessons except my own rudimentary ones as she was growing up. She took off with it and it is now one of her passions and we all benefit from it! 🙂

We are very spoiled. If we need a new outfit for something and are willing to foot the bill for the material and pattern, Gin will whip it out for us! We try to keep it at a minimum. It’s not like she has nothing to do except sit around, read and sip tea!! 😀

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The following pictures are of her sewing room and her handy-dandy Bernina sewing machine. Her in-laws bought her a refurbished one for her wedding. Click on the first picture of each group of photos to see the whole gallery (there are 4 galleries so don’t miss them!!).   GALLERY 1:

And here are some pictures of the recent clothing she has made. She was a little reticent to be the model but I talked her into it! The other girls didn’t mind at all. Girls will be girls, you know. They always love a fashion show! GALLERY 2:

And we can’t forget the recent wedding! Virginia made all the bridesmaid dresses and the flower girl dresses! GALLERY 3:

Here are some of the guys. Virginia likes to make fancy vests! GALLERY 4:


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