Tids ‘n Bits June 2018


Here’s a goodie. This is on the steps of a church in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan…maybe 1967? This is me and my three brothers….two more came along later. There were six of us.

I look very sweet there, don’t I? Well, I was really a tough little gal, growing up in the middle of the big city, with three brothers I had to defend myself from. (I loved them dearly, but really didn’t like them…haha…at least not at the time).

I played tackle football right along with the rest of them. I was small but I could run! They couldn’t often tackle me! I was very good at track and field and took away some of the cheesy (yet much coveted) trophies that were given during grade school.

It was not a world of “Finer Femininity”, that’s for sure! More like a world of survival. But I made it through and am grateful to God for lessons learned (through crosses…isn’t that the way?) before I made that big step of marriage!

Anyway, enough rambling….

We’ve had some chuckles about Dad. Some say he looks like Buddy Holly, some say Dennis the Menace’s dad or even a Russian spy! I always thought he looked like Mr. Dress-up. Have you ever heard of Mr. Dress-up and his Tickle Trunk? It was a show we watched growing up in Canada. Your children would like it. Here’s a sample:

Here’s another very popular children’s show from Canada…The Friendly Giant!

Here’s something I’m excited about and have been working on in the past months….

The All-New, Full-Color Catholic Mother Goose, Volume Two!! Stay tuned…

I have photos that I’ve been meaning to put up. A very busy weekend is ahead with the Traditional Family Weekend so I will tune in again on Monday. Maybe I will even have it together enough to do the drawing for the Giveaway (but maybe not)!

Here’s the updated flyer for the TFW. The venue has changed, take note if you are coming!

And before we go on, if you would like to sign up for the Giveaway, go to this post and make a comment.

A Gallery…click on the first picture to read the caption, etc.



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