The Call to the Priesthood by Fr. Kenneth Walker, R.I.P.


Father Walker is second from the left…at Winchester.

This was written when Father Kenneth Walker was 18 and still in College. His assignment was to write a piece on a marriage proposal. Here were the words on the  paper:

The Call to the Priesthood

The marriage proposal may be a beautiful event, and the most wonderful emotions are aroused, but it is just possible that the call to the priesthood is equally as beautiful.

It may be that a man discerns the priesthood over a considerable amount of time, or the decision may come upon him, by God’s grace, all of a sudden.

A good example of a momentary decision would be a young man praying during Mass, asking God what His plans are for his life. The answer comes at the elevation of the Sacred Host as he gazes intently upon Our Lord in the form of bread.

He hears a voice calling to him from the depths of his soul. It is not a material voice, but simply a feeling deep down in his very being.

As he listens, he begins to notice that this is beyond any ordinary occurrence in prayer. He realizes that God is asking him to become a priest.

His focus is immediately put on the responsibilities, benefits, joys, and sorrows of the priesthood. It is evident to him that the answer he gives may be a major turning point in his life.

Change is difficult, but then it occurs to him that he only wishes to please God above all things in this life.

Then, his heart brimming with joy, and eyes filled with tears, he tells God “yes”.

“Mothers, as far as possible, be at home with your children. As you nourished your child before he was capable of eating solid food, so in the early formative years, nature has determined that you must nourish your child in virtue.” -Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik. The Catholic Family Handbook http://amzn.to/2lCqRG5

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