Gemma’s Poem and Some Nice Reviews


For Throwback Thursday….

I thought I would share with you today a poem that our Gemma (11 yrs. old) wrote:


We are in a world right now that could explode any moment!

We are in a world right now that could turn into a torrent!

Look at all the humans that fright and scare all day.

They think of that tragic thing that could happen any way.

For me I just don’t worry and do my daily works.

I don’t act frightened and scared and think that life is short!

God is protecting me and I know that so I say

A little prayer of protection and go upon my way!


And here are some very kind reviews that were left on Amazon and my Etsy shop by those who purchased my Maglets. Thank you so much, Ladies!! <3

“This is a delightful publication! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have pages marked for future reference. As a busy mother of five, I have a hard time sitting down and doing spiritual reading, but my soul longs for it, especially things that will help me to be a better wife and mother. This book breaks it down into “bite sized” bits that I can read and finish in the bits of time I get for reading. So inspirational! Thank you! My mother-in-law ordered me the next one (Advent/ Christmas issue), and now I get to practice the virtue of patience until it comes in! I can’t wait! Thank you for such a thoughtful publication that is full of wisdom and loving guidance!” -AC

“This is the first in what hopefully will be many little maglets. It’s great for Catholic moms, especially those of us who have large families and are busy. It is made up of nice little readings from various priests and other Catholic resources; very inspiring and solid, nothing wishy-washy. It’s nice to sit down with a cup of coffee and just read an article or two and mull over them. Definitely centers me more on my vocation and WHY I am cleaning up that mess the little ones made for the 3rd time today. 🙂
These would make an excellent gift for Christmas; or a stocking stuffer (they are perfect size!) I know there is now a Christmas one out too!” –N. Porter

“JMJ This is a charming book that is sure to delight. Many helpful bits of advice for mothers of all ages. A great gift for the engaged, newly wed, expecting and experienced mothers. Small and compact, easy to read and always brings a smile, sometimes a tear.” – SoCalGal

“A beautiful maglet chock full of gems. A must have for any family. Easy to read. A great reference source. A perfect gift to get all your friends. The author is quite a special lady and am grateful she worked so hard to create this for us.” –Linda R.

“These maglets are so encouraging especially to those looking to live out, joyfully, our vocation as wives and mothers. Lots of great quotes and articles.”

The package of all 4 Maglets is here. To get them singly click here.

4 Maglets

If you like the maglet, please leave a review on either Amazon or Meadows of Grace….or both! It is much appreciated!



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