No More Goodbyes in Heaven


It seems our life has been filled with goodbyes lately….and it has been somewhat overwhelming. So I may be quieter than normal….

We have said goodbye to two very dear priests that have been called elsewhere to serve the flock. Fr. Kodet and Fr. Fromageot are very special. Fr. Kodet has been here the longest and leaves a huge hole in our hearts. He is like a brother to us.

Last days before our priests left:

Father Fromageot’s smile, his singing, his intellectual stimulus and his friendship will be missed!

Our son-in-law, Mike, serving at one Father Kodet’s last Masses in Maple Hill, KS….

Rosie with her nephew, Peter Ignatius.

Our biggest goodbye is coming up! Our daughter, Rosie, an integral and beautiful part of what goes on here will be joining  the Benedictine Convent in Gower. MO the beginning of October!

Indeed, we are happy! But we are also facing the reality of her leaving and this is, and will not be, easy!

Rosie’s teenage years have had their suffering with four years of illness…up and down, up and down.

We said a novena to Father Kenneth Walker, FSSP+ in Advent and, since then, she has had a slow climb up to a more stable physical health.

She has been discerning for some time now. So she will enter in October and we will see how her health holds out. God’s will be done. The novice mistress told her that oftentimes, health improves….sometimes not. The life is rigorous, we will see…

They are almost done building their Church. A lot of their funds have come from their lovely CD’s! From donations, too…

The pictures are from their beautiful website if you would like to peruse it.

Two sisters lead our cow Angel with her new calf Tessie, named for St. Thecla from the martyrology on her “birthday.”

Mother Cecilia washes and kisses the feet of the postulants as they take their place in the Chapter Room for the first time. They then receive the Holy Rule of St. Benedict from her, and an embrace from each of their new sisters, who wish them “Perseverance.”

Please keep Rosie and all of us in your prayers as we turn a new page in this Book of Life!



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