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Book Review…Around the Year with the Von Trapp Family

It’s here and reprinted!!! Celebrate the Feasts and Seasons with the Von Trapp Family!

This is one of my all-time favorite books, full of Catholic, old-fashioned goodness for the whole family! Do you want to inspire your children? Do you want to fill them with the beauty and charm of our Catholic heritage? Then give this book a read! It will serve to encourage and enlighten you as you and your family continue on your Faith-filled journey!

Just for you, Finer Femininity readers, Sophia Institute Press is giving a chance to purchase Around the Year with the Von Trapp Family at a great 25% discount…plus you will be supporting a wonderful Catholic publishing company! So….order yours now using this code at the checkout:


“In this joyful and charming book, Maria von Trapp (from The Sound of Music) unveils for you the year-round Christian traditions she loved traditions that created for her large family a warm and inviting Catholic home and will do the same for yours.

Here are the songs they sang for feasts and holidays, as well as Maria s personal recipes for traditional holiday foods. Here are stories and games to delight your children, and countless other ways to turn events such as anniversaries, baptisms, graduations, birthdays, wedding receptions, and even funerals into feasts celebrated in the Lord.

Most people only know the young Maria from The Sound of Music; few realize that in subsequent years, as a pious wife and a seasoned Catholic mother, Maria gave herself unreservedly to keeping her family Catholic by observing in her home the many feasts of the Church s liturgical year, with poems and prayers, food and fun, and so much more!

With the help of Maria von Trapp, you, too, can provide Christian structure and vibrancy to your home. Soon your home will be a warm and loving place, an earthly reflection of our eternal home.”

Available here.

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Nothing attracts the children more than the Crib.This very attraction makes it imperative that they learn about it correctly. Care must be taken not to mix in with the gospel mystery any details which the child will later come to recognize as false. -Christ in the Home, Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J., 1950’s

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