Merry Christmas!


Well, here we are, it is Christmas Eve. The Advent season has quickly passed, we have struggled this year and had to leave some things aside, but we have done the priorities…one being the St. Andrew Christmas Novena.

The younger girls, Hannah and Gemma, have risen to the occasion. Gemma has been working on the Spiritual Christmas Crib by herself and made cookies for the neighbors. Hannah has been picking up the pieces over here and helping some of the married girls in their own homes.

Two of our married daughters made dinner for us a couple of nights. Some friends did, too.

Theresa came over, with her four children and spear-headed and helped with Christmas decorating! It was wonderful….they did a lovely job! 🙂

Margy is on the mend after her surgery. It is nice to see her smiling face around the kitchen again. She is moving slow but happy to be back at it!

Rosie’s last 3 days have been more stable. I am very grateful. She can quickly spiral downwards but here’s to hoping this is a trend….

I hope to post photos sometime Christmas week.

May you all have a Blessed Christmas! You are in my prayers, thank you so much for the prayers you have sent our way! <3


Mike and Jeanette’s family

Dominic and Sarah’s family (another baby on the way)

Colin and Z’s family

Devin and Theresa’s family

Vincent and Virginia’s family


All of us…






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