A Quote from St. Francis de Sales & A Gallery


A lovely quote and reminder from St. Francis de Sales….

“Theotimus, we must be always rendering ourselves pliable and tractable to God’s good pleasure, as though we were wax.

We must not trick ourselves into willing and wishing for things, but leave them to God for Him to will and do them for us as He pleases, “casting all our anxiety upon Him, because He cares for us,” as the holy apostle says.

Note that he says, “all our anxiety,” that is, not only our anxiety as to accepting events but also that of willing or not willing them. He will have care as to the outcome of our affairs and to will whatever is best for us.

Meanwhile, let us lovingly use our care to bless God in all that He does, saying after the example of Job, “The Lord has given much to me, and the Lord has taken it away from me. Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

No, Lord, I do not will any event. I leave events to You to will them for me entirely as You please. Instead of willing events, I will bless You because You have willed them.

Oh, how excellent, Theotimus, is this use of our will, when it gives up all care to will and choose the effects of God’s good pleasure in order to praise and thank that good pleasure for such effects!”

-St. Francis de Sales, Finding God’s Will for You

Our March has been very cold, but we are finally getting a little whiff of spring! I thought you’d enjoy some photos….

A Gallery….



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