On Life’s Cross

Most Precious Blood of Jesus,
Flowing from Thy Hands;
Help me fight life’s battles,
Ever faithful to Thy command.

Most Precious Blood of Jesus
Flowing from Thy Feet;
Be my strength and solace,
When hopeful to Thee, I retreat.

Most Precious Blood of Jesus,
Flowing from Thy Heart;
Cleanse my weary, sinful soul,
When this vale it must depart.

Most Precious Blood of Jesus,
Flowing from wounds five-fold;
Grant me just One Precious Drop
To mark me, forever, in Thy Love-Fold.
-Rev. A Kimbal


Often, ’tis true, on my day’s horizon
I see, as I wake, the clouds arise,
But within my heart I carry a whisper
That brings a light to the darkest skies.

A memory bright as the golden sunset,
A hope as sweet as the fields in May—
“I am going to Holy Communion tomorrow,
I went to Holy Communion today.”

Many a time I am weary of labor,
Vexed with a life of work and worry,
Tired of giving myself to others,
Worn with the fret of this age of hurry;

Then o’er my heart’s unquiet waters
Comes my Lord’s sweet whisper to say,
“We shall meet at Communion tomorrow,
We have met at Communion today.”

Sometimes others are rough and thoughtless,
Sometimes, it may be, hard or cold;
I long to pour out on the first quick impulse
All the pain that my heart doth hold.

Then my Hope and my Memory blended,
Plead in my soul with a note of sorrow,
“Jesus lay on your tongue this morning,
Keep your story for Him tomorrow.”

All day long like a ballad’s burden
Rings in my heart that musical chime;
All my minutes swing backward and forward
Between the bliss of two points of time;

And I know that the grateful Heart on the Altar
Is touched as my happy heart doth pray,
Just because He is coming tomorrow,
Just because He has been today.

A Beautiful Recipe

A beautiful turning to God in prayer,
At break of day – be it dull or fair,
A beautiful word when chance occurs
Instead of the gossip which hurts and slurs;
A beautiful day, not one or two,
But just as many as you can do;
A beautiful thought in the mind to keep
Where otherwise evil and sin might creep.
A beautiful smile – how it helps and cheers
And coaxes from others their smiles and tears;
A beautiful song in praise to Him
When the shadows fall and the lights grow dim,
If followed – you’ll find it a beautiful way
To make – and so easy – a beautiful day.

Twelve sermons on key aspects of the Christian life given during Lent, 1622–fasting, how to resist temptation, the danger of losing one’s soul, living faith vs. dead or dying faith, Christian attitude toward death, proper conduct in illness, God\’s special providence toward those living a spiritual life, the hidden meanings of Our Lord’s Passion, eternal happiness, mutual charity, etc.

There are as many paths to holiness as there are saints in Heaven . . . but you cant follow them all. Yet there’s one thing every saint practices that you can imitate: the simple art of loving God, which the beloved St. Francis de Sales explains for you here.

Under his wise and gentle guidance, you’ll discover the secrets to growing holier through the simple things in life work, play, and rest. You’ll learn to avoid the distractions (even religious distractions) that trouble and weary your soul . . . and you’ll soon be able to focus your energy simply on loving God.

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