Warm golden light from the setting sun lights this hay field in Shawnee Co. Kansas. -Kansas Whispers

It seems a long time since I put some photos up…or told you of news along the way….

It is an exciting time for us…all of our couples (we have six that are married) are expecting! So the next months will be busy with little newborns everywhere! I was hoping to get a photo of all our ladies together but that just doesn’t happen too often (or I forget about the photo shoot when everyone is around). Our daughter-in-law, Z, is due in a week!

In our area, the harvest is in full swing (it is later this year because of the abundance of rain in the spring and early summer) and the leaves are turning.

What a beautiful time of the year! Most people who talk about their favorite season, fall back on….fall! I can’t help but agree…cinnamon sticks, oranges and reds, lots of whipped cream (oh…and don’t forget the tea under it!), and rosaries around the bonfire!

Here is an old post called Feminine Fall Fashions with lots of different outfits for the season of fall. Maybe it will give you some inspiration today!

And here is a post by my daughter, Theresa, about Fall with its Five Senses. It will get you into the mood of Auspicious Autumn Awesomeness!

I also have some questions that were asked of me and I would like to answer them on a post. I just haven’t had time. So sorry to anyone I have neglected along the way! It is very unintentional!

Before I continue, I would like to make you aware of this Copyright Disclaimer for this site. It will be under the “About” Tab in the top menu for further reference:

When I post something from a book of a living author, I have that author’s permission. (Emilie Barnes gave me her permission before her death in 2016)

All the other articles are from books that were published in the 1950’s or before and their authors have passed on. Most of the books can be found online (the complete text) on EWTN or otherwise.

These authors gave us fantastic information that would remain buried or hidden so I am getting it out there. I think the authors would be grateful (I pray for them and to them) and I know many of my readers are grateful, too.

By my referencing their works, I hope the reader will be encouraged to purchase the entire work.

Introducing my new book (and a Giveaway)….

The Catholic Boy’s Traditional 30-Day Journal!!

After I finished the Girl’s Journal, I had requests for a boy’s journal, too. So, here it is! It is not off the press yet but will be soon and will be included in this Giveway!


Let’s keep our young boys engaged in the Faith! Let’s teach them how to be organized, how to prioritize, how to keep on top of, first, the Spiritual things in their lives, and then the other daily duties that God requires of them!

Nothing is more valuable than this type of education…an education for life! That is where this journal comes in! It will give your boys a feel for keeping a To-Do List, with spiritual things at the forefront! What more could you want for them?

Let this journal help you along the way, Mothers! The boys will have 30 days of checklists, thoughts to inspire them for the day, some fun things…like drawing their day and other things to keep them focused. This next 30 days will be invaluable to them…to learn life skills, to have the satisfaction of checking off the activities they finish, to learn to be thankful for the good things God has given us, to offer up their day for someone in need, etc.

This journal is for boys 8 (with the help of Mom) to 16 years of age. Your boys will enjoy it and be able to look back on it for inspiration and encouragement!

Available to pre-order here.

Package Special of the Girl’s and Boy’s Journal is here.

The giveaway includes the two books, The Catholic Girl’s Journal and The Catholic Boy’s Journal, and this beautiful Sunflower doily made by Rosie’s talented crochet hook!

What great Christmas gifts they would make so please sign up by making a comment on this post. I will draw the name next Wednesday, October 30th!

(Please continue to keep Rosie in your prayers. It is hard to believe it has been a whole year since she entered the convent. It has been a hard year. Yes, she is doing better but she is not well enough to resume normal living. I would appreciate any prayers sent our way and so does she!)

Rosie and Willoughby


As I posted earlier, my brother, Steve, unexpectedly passed away at the end of August. It was truly a blow, especially because we weren’t sure the state of his soul…he had a wayward life. (He had made strides in the last year…but we just weren’t sure).

I want to let you in on something to remind you….never, ever give up on prayer…never give up on the virtue of hope!! God hears our prayers.

Two weeks after Steve died, the funeral home in Canada contacted us saying they found something on Steve and they wanted to know what to do with it. This is what they found on him….

I cannot tell you how happy we were to see this! God is good! Remember the promise of Our Lady…. “Take this Scapular. Whosoever dies wearing it shall not suffer eternal fire. It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger and pledge of peace.” There were also 2 St. Benedict medals and a Miraculous Medal attached!

We had Steve shipped from Canada to here in Kansas and buried close to my dad.

The Gallery…. (click on the first picture to view)