Back Row: Rosie, Angelo and Margy  Front Row: Gemma, Leane, Vincent, Hannah

Well, here we are, it is Christmas Eve. The Advent season has quickly passed (seems quicker each year!), and we have had many, many joys along the way. When compared to last year (Rosie was looking at pictures and became quite overcome with emotion) we are happy! Things aren’t perfect (are they ever?) and Rosie struggles, but things are much more light-hearted!

Rosie plans to sing at Midnight Mass. I think she is foolish but…ah…we were all foolish once, right? It will make me quite nervous (she crashes around 7 p.m. these days and goes straight to her room), but, oh well…

Theresa did a foolish thing last year when we were going through a lot. She offered to help decorate here, did such a good job, that we had her come again this year! She should have hid that talent! As if she doesn’t have enough to do??!!

But we had a good time with music, homemade hot chocolate, and just good comaraderie! You can see some of the decorations on the slide show in our Family Rosary Video. I will also post photos sometime soon….

Margy is in the midst of wedding plans. She is very systematic at it and I have no doubt, with much help from experienced sisters, that she will be ready when the time comes! Her wedding date is May 16th…so this is our last Christmas with her. She is a light in our lives and has made dinners since Jeanette left. We…and our stomachs….will miss her!

Hannah and Gemma have both been very busy this year with school, looking after nieces and nephews, their Grandma and their aunt, choir, piano, violin, and other such stuff. They are both planning on going to Chartres in the spring for a Pilgrimage…

You have all seen what Angelo has been up to…with his Crafting Video. He is a leader and is always thinking of things to do with his younger nieces and nephews. He is busy with altar serving, helping with Grandma, fixing things around here, painting with his brothers and brother-in-law and school.

My hubby, Vincent, is always busy. He works for our son-in-law and with his two sons painting. Vincent has always been an incredibly hard and dedicated worker, he loves his family and is adept at enjoying the moment!

As for myself, I am first committed to my Faith and seek ways to grow in it each day, and then dedicated to my family and love them all so dearly. I have a resolution I am slowly working on….to become a better Grandma, to really listen to them when they talk to me, to be interested in their lives. That will be a life-long journey, but one worth working towards.

I am also dedicated to my website. My family supports me in this endeavor, which means very much to me! I am hoping, in the future, to open a Patreon Page so that those of you who enjoy this website can help with your support to get more videos out…with added perks for your support. Stay tuned…

And now….My Christmas Gift to you is a Triduum (that means 3 in a row) of Masses said for you and your intentions by Father VanderPutten in Nigeria. Your support has meant much to me. May God bless you all and have a very Merry Christmas! <3


Vin, Gin and Family…with number 9 on the way! (Due in about 3 weeks)

Dev & Theresa and family with number 5 on the way! (Due in January sometime.)

Colin and Z and family….with Baby Charlotte doing well and growing fast!

Mike and Jeanette and family….with number 4 on the way! (This is where I lose track of who is due when….)

Dom and Sarah and Family with number 3 on the way!

***Missing is Sep and Molly with number 7 on the way! (They have 6 boys). One day I will wring a picture out of them!

A Christmas meditation for you….