The Winner of the Finer Femininity Christmas Giveaway is….


I meant to get this out yesterday but, well…busy time of the year!!

Thank you all for your lovely and encouraging words on the Giveaway post. May the rest of your Advent be filled with preparation, trust and hope!!

The Winner of the Finer Femininity Christmas Giveaway is…

Congratulations Josephine! I have been having some issues with my email program which means I can’t find your email. Could you please send me your address? Thank you!


Would you be so kind as to say a prayer? It is for my husband, Vincent, who is suffering from spinal stenosis (as I have mentioned in previous posts), which in turn is pressing on his sciatic nerve. He is in pain each day and for one who detests taking any kind of drug…well, he is on a steady diet and has been for weeks!

We are going in for a consultation on plans for a MISS (Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery) but you have to be a candidate for this type of surgery…in other words the damage has to be where this type of surgery will work.

He has not been able to work for weeks…(though he does plenty around here)! But there are many things he cannot do so going out to work is not possible. He definitely can’t drive! He is young, 58, so we are hoping that something will work for him.

Anyway, prayers are much appreciated!

As an aside, I pray for all of you. If you have any particular prayer request that you would like to share here as a comment, it will be taken with me as an intention to each daily Mass this coming 4th Week of Advent!

“It is difficult for a child to be better than his home environment or for a nation to be superior to the level of its home life. In fulfilling its double purpose – the generation and formation of children – the home becomes a little world in itself, self-sufficient even in its youngest years. It is vital that you, as a mother or father, make of your home a training ground in character-building for your children, who will inherit the world’s problems. Home is a place in which the young grow in harmony with all that is good and noble, where hardship, happiness, and work are shared.” – Father Lawrence G. Lovasik, Catholic Family Handbook http://amzn.to/2sDb6hw (afflink)



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