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A Gallery: January ~ March 2022

It’s been hard for me to get a gallery up these days. But here we are….

As far as news goes…

Vin and Gin had their tenth baby, David Elias! Her pregnancy was hard so when the baby showed up early, we all were grateful! All went well, with Gin showing up at the Birth Center just 20 minutes before having the baby! At least she didn’t have him in the vehicle like last time!

We got news about three weeks ago that David and Margy are expecting their second! Sean is a big brother now! Happy news!

Vincent is still struggling with knee issues. We thought it was his back but have pinned it down to the knee. He is going to Physical Therapy to try to get that leg/knee mobile again. We have seen some progress.

Praying for peace in the world, as I am sure you all are. May Our Lady cover all over with her Mantle and Our Lord with His Precious Blood!

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