Hot Cross Buns and Easter Alleluias!


Mary Reed Newland gets us in the right spirit of Easter! Such a glorious Feast!!

Here is the recipe we used for our Hot Cross Buns.

And here is a recipe that the girls have been using lately…



The Year & Our Children: Catholic Family Celebrations for Every Season

This is, for me, the most beautiful of all the Easter stories.

It should be the very last thing at night, after prayers, for the little ones. Ours have heard it as they lay in their beds.

It is about Mary Magdalene and how she found Him in the garden on Easter morning. She did not really understand. After all He had said about rising on the third day, still she wept and wrung her hands and looked for Him.

Even when she saw the angels, it did not dawn on her. Then – she saw Jesus. Thinking He was a gardener, she heard Him say, “Woman, why art thou weeping? For whom art thou searching?”

And she said, “If it is thou, Sir, that hast carried Him off, tell me where thou hast put Him, and I will take Him away.”

Then that lovely moment. He said simply, “Mary.” And she knew.

How tender, the love that inspired them to record this scene. We know that He appeared to His Mother first. It is an ancient tradition in the Church, and St. Teresa of Avila and many others confirm it.

But for us who are sinners, the scene described so carefully is this meeting with the one who was such a great sinner. It should be a part of every child’s Easter Eve, and often it will make them weep.

But these are fine, good tears, that come because they understand that He loves them.

Alleluia at Last

Easter morning. Alleluia!

The Hallel, greatest of Hebrew expressions of praise, together with Jah, the shortened form of Jahve, God’s name, combine to make this lovely word.

Dom Winzen writes: On the eve of Septuagesima Sunday, the Alleluia was buried. Now it rises out of the tomb…. The Alleluia is the heart of the Opus Dei; the song which the Moses of the New Testament sings together with His People after He has passed through the Red Sea of His Death into the glory of His Resurrection.

The first child awake races downstairs! Quickly they all gather and at last the door to the living room is opened.

There are the marvelous baskets, resplendent with decorations, with gifts, with goodies. Walk carefully. The eggs are hidden everywhere.

All together sing another Alleluia! as the early one lights the Paschal candle.

Then to Mass, to the great joy of Easter Communion. He is in each of us; therefore we are one in Him.

At every Mass, He will be our Paschal Lamb, the perfect sacrifice, the perfect victim, offered everywhere for us, always, until the world comes to an end.

Home to the beautiful breakfast table, the delicious Easter bread, the excitement of the egg hunt, and the opening of gifts.

It has been so long since we have sung Alleluia after Grace. What a glorious morning!

The Paschal candle is lighted. While we rejoice, it burns with a steady flame. It says, “I am risen, and am still with thee, Alleluia!”



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