The Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus


The month of July is dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus so it is a perfect time to begin or deepen our love for this devotion!

From the beautiful prayer book “The Precious Blood and Mother”

The Devotion of the Precious Blood exists from the beginning of ages, since it was the fiat imparted to fallen man. We must thence infer that it ought to be a devotion widespread as the world. Is not everybody redeemed by the Precious Blood? Is it not to this Precious Blood that each of us owe our salvation?

And if, hereafter, an everlasting crown rests upon our brow, will it not be the purchase of this Divine Blood?

The Sacred Heart has indeed loved us with a love of surpassing tenderness; and to that love we owe Its long suffering with us; and yet, neither the Sacred Heart nor the gaping wounds of Jesus have been our Redemption; that which has redeemed us — freed us from hell — is the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since, therefore, our salvation is the fruit of that Blood, since to It we are indebted for Heaven, with its unfading joys, is it not just that we should, each and all, embrace Devotion to the Precious Blood, render It special worship, even daily homage?

Because of the needs of the ‘people of God,’ there has been a surge of devotion to the Most Precious Blood. This devotion has become universal, and is often spoken of as the “Devotion of the Elect,” so fitting a title that seldom is a dissenting voice raised against it.



O come ye to the Banquet,

To the Feast of My Precious Blood.

The table is spread and ready

Bedecked with roses — both blossom and bud.

Roses I’m waiting to shower

On those for whom I have bled,

Roses for you and for others,

Roses snow-white and blood-red.


E’en as a Child in the manger

I craved for the love of men,

‘Tho a helpless Babe on My bed of straw

Yet looking ahead to Calvary I saw

I’d still thirst for the love of men.


Then come to Me, O ye faithful,

And comfort your Savior’s Heart.

 Come to Me; do not tarry;

I’ve graces and gifts to impart.

To you who have ever been faithful,

Yet perhaps have known sorrow and pain,

To you who have favors you seek for

Goes My fond invitation again.


Bring your trials and crosses to Calvary;

Place them there beside Mine Own;

 For the God-Man of Calvary, dear ones,

Has the greatest of sorrows known.

 I’ve asked you before. Did you heed Me?

I’ve pleaded. Have I pleaded in vain?

Have recourse to the Blood of your Savior;

’twill take from you every stain.


Bring your trials and crosses to Calvary;

Place them there at the foot of the Tree,

And listen! to the voice of your Savior,

As I plead, “Friends, come unto Me.”

Bring your chalice of suffering with you

To catch the drops of My Precious Blood;

And throughout your lives I will scatter

My roses — both blossom and bud.


Kneel at the Banquet railing

And whilst My Light and My Grace your soul flood,

Partake of the Bread of Angels,

Partake of My Precious Blood.

And the Dove of Peace will enter

Your heart thro’ the open door

Whilst a wave of My Blood will

Bring in to you, gifts and favors.

So come and adore!


‘Tis our Lord Himself Who is calling,

Hark! to the Precious Blood’s plea.

Unite with your friends in the cloister;

Place your wants at the foot of the Tree.

In this world there are few of us perfect.

We have faults; we need help spiritually.

Then join our Solemn Novena;

Place your cares at the foot of the Tree.




Daily, in breathless awe, we see the bread, the wine,

Assume under this mystic veil a Majesty Divine!

Most Precious Blood, Thou fount of life, our lowly homage take,

Accept our prayers, our sighs, our tears for sinless Mary’s sake!


Mother Immaculate! to thee our eyes we fondly raise!

Grant us thine aid, and join us in our prayer of love and praise.

In marble hall, on rocky path, at last on Calvary’s Hill,

See, drop by drop, the Precious Blood, shed at the Savior’s will!

While pitiless, unloving eyes are raised to see Him die,

“I thirst!” it rings around the world! the dying Savior’s cry!


The midnight hour, mysterious beneath the starry pall,

Within the cloister we adore, by rapture held in thrall!

Sweet Sacrament! within the place where hallowed memories cling,

Lives lost in Thee! pure souls, free hearts, their loving tribute bring!


Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi, in one of her revelations, received a command from Almighty God to offer the Blood of Jesus Christ to disarm the anger of God about to fall on sinners.

After this instruction received from Heaven, she imposed upon herself the obligation of offering the Blood of Jesus Christ at least fifty times a day for the living and for the dead.

The seraphic soul did this with such great fervor and piety that on many occasions she obtained the conversion of a multitude of sinners, and this our Lord showed her in a vision.

One day, when she was in an ecstasy, she was heard to exclaim: “Every time that a creature offers the Blood by which she was redeemed, she offers to God a gift of infinite value, surpassing all other gifts.”

Introduce your children into the family’s prayers at the earliest age possible. As often as possible, say morning and night prayers or the Rosary with your children. Train them to take part in prayers before and after meals. In time of danger or sorrow, resort to prayer as the first and most important source of help and consolation. -Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik. The Catholic Family Handbook

The Chaplet of the Precious Blood and Prayer Card. Beautiful and Durable, Wire-Wrapped Precious Blood Chaplet!

July is the month of the Precious Blood. What a great time to begin this wonderful chaplet! Pope Pius VII granted a plenary indulgence to those who recite this chaplet daily for a month.

This devotion consists of seven mysteries in which you meditate on the seven principal shedding of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. The Chaplet is divided into 7 groups, each containing 33 beads in honor of the 33 years of the life of Jesus.

“During those times in our lives when we do not feel God’s love, it is most beneficial to meditate on Jesus’ crucifixion and the many wounds He suffered out of love for us. It freshens in our minds the great pain Jesus endured and the profound depth of His love.

One way to enter into Jesus’ Passion is to meditate on the wounds He received and the blood that poured forth from those wounds. It is an ancient devotion in the Church, one that has roots in the New Testament. For example, in the First Letter of John we read, “If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin” (1 John 1:7). ~ https://aleteia.org/

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