Kindness & Meekness ~ Father Lasance


In our roles as wives and mothers, we are called to love, bless, and encourage our husbands and our children.

We would like our families to remember us as joyful and loving.

I think we all know that a meek and quiet spirit leads us toward these goals, while anger and a quick (and loud) temper destroys the relationships that are so dear to our hearts.

Being meek and quiet may not come naturally to us (and probably doesn’t for most of us….so take heart, you’re not alone!), we must pray for it as it leads to peace, contentment and blessings.

No matter how we have messed up in the past when it comes to meekness and kindness, let us forgive ourselves and, with hope and joy, ask our Lady to bless us with these gifts! She will surely answer such a prayer!

Father Lasance stresses the importance of Kindness and Meekness in this excerpt from his little book Kindness, The Bloom of Charity.

How many a noble work has been nipped in the bud by the blast of an unkind judgment; how many a generous heart has been crushed in its brightest hopes by a jealous criticism; how many a holy inspiration, destined to bear abundant fruit for God and souls, has been forced back into the poor heart from whence it had ascended, there to be stifled utterly, and forever, leaving that heart, as the poet so graphically represents it, “like a deserted bird’s nest filled with snow,” because unkindness had robbed it of that for which, perhaps, alone it cared to live.

How much, then, we may believe has been lost to the world of all that is good and great and beautiful through the instrumentality of unkindness; and if it be thus, what developments, on the other hand, may we not expect, in the order of grace as well as of nature, in the hearts and minds of men beneath the genial sun of kindness?

Let us be kind if we would promote the interests of that Heart of which kindness was the special characteristic.

Let it not be in isolated acts, “few and far between”; this is not the kindness of Jesus’ Heart. No, it must be like prayer, a habitual disposition of heart which is ready to manifest itself without any effort and almost unconsciously, at all seasons and in all circumstances, and thus it will be with hearts which are united to that Heart of love.

Kindness will flow from them, as it were, naturally, just as the flowers give forth their perfume, the birds their song, and as the sun shines down alike on good and bad, as it goes on its daily circuit– because all this is of their very nature.

In the most trivial things of daily life the spirit of kindness should render itself evident.

Kindness is as the bloom upon the fruit– it renders charity and religion attractive and beautiful. Without kindness, even charitable works lose their power of winning souls; for without it the idea of love of anything supernatural –in a word, of Jesus, is not conveyed to the minds by the works performed, even though they be done from a right motive.

There is such a thing as doing exterior actions, which are intended to be charitable, ungraciously.

Now, actions thus performed do not manifest the kindness of the Heart of Jesus, nor will they be efficacious in extending the empire of His love or in winning souls to His kingdom.

My son, in thy good deeds, make no complaint, and when thou givest anything, add not grief by an evil word. Shall not the dew assuage the heat? So also the good word is better than the gift. Lo, is not a word better than a gift? But both are with a justified man. –Ecclus. xviii. 15-17.

Build your husband up in your children’s presence. It is up to you to assure he is a hero in their eyes. They should know why he works so hard….and that it is the reason for the roof over their heads and the food on the table. That time when Dad arrives home needs to be a highlight in their day! -Finer Femininity



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