A Ship in the Night ~ Emilie Barnes


How much is the harmony in your marriage worth to you? Do you insist on your own way, your own opinions even in situations that are, in the scheme of things, not that important? This short story is a reminder that insisting on our own way is not the path of peace….

by Emilie Barnes

Isn’t it difficult to change when you think you are right? We get so stubborn that we won’t change our thoughts and opinions for anything.

“Why should I? I’m right!” we say.

One foggy night the captain of a large ship saw another ship’s lights approaching. This other ship was on a course that would mean a head-on crash. Quickly the captain signaled to the approaching ship, “Please change your course 10 degrees west.”

The reply came blinking back through the thick fog, “You change your course 10 degrees east.”

Indignantly the captain pulled rank and shot a message back to the other ship, “I’m a sea captain with 35 years of experience. You change your course 10 degrees west!”

Without hesitation the signal flashed back, “I’m a seaman fourth-class. You change your course 10 degrees east!”

Enraged, the captain realized that within minutes they would crash head-on, so he blazed his final warning: “I’m a 50,000-ton freighter. Change your course!”

The simple message winked back, “I’m a lighthouse. You change…”

You, too, may get so frustrated with your mate that you give out stern warnings that he or she had better change course.

Because of past experiences, you and your spouse may not want to budge from your respective positions.

Satan would like to destroy your marriage using the differences in the way you like to do things.

You need to pray to be set free from stubbornness. You must be willing to support one another.

With this attitude you are free to serve each other. Anything less than this allows selfishness and pride to enter your life, creating an unwillingness to change.

Alter your course rather than insisting on your own way.

It seems the very essence of Mary, so to speak, is to be simple, to perform the common, ordinary duties of a wife and a mother, and to love them. Her Heart ever craved after one thing, namely, to walk simply before God and to be perfect, whatever might be the circumstances or condition of her life.
-Mother Mary Potter
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