Modesty & Weddings ~ A Little Inspiration


Our wedding is such an important day! Being a Catholic woman who takes the traditions of our religion seriously, our faith will influence everything….including the choices for the gowns of the bride and bridal party!

Our girls were excited to wear a wedding gown that honors their Catholic tradition. Wanting to please the most important Person in their lives, they felt it was a privilege to plan the gowns accordingly!

Trends may come and go, but modesty never goes out of style.

Our wedding will live on throughout our legacy. We will be showing those photos to our children and our grandchildren. One day, those pictures may be lovingly and carefully admired by our great-great (and even great) grandchildren. We will want to be an example of beauty and modesty.

Below are some pictures for your inspiration. We have seven children married and the traditional brides all made it a priority to keep the beautiful dresses modest.

First, here is a picture of my mom in her beautiful wedding dress, back in the day when modesty was more “in vogue”…

And here are two of my aunts’ wedding pictures (my mom’s sisters)…

Vincent and I….


Virginia, our oldest daughter….

Theresa, our second oldest daughter….


Our oldest son, Giuseppe’s wife, Molly….


Second oldest son, Colin’s wife, Elizabeth (better known as Z)….


Our third oldest son, Dominic’s wife, Sarah…..



Third oldest daughter, Jeanette…



Our middle daughter, Margy…


We must realize that building back to traditional values starts, first, in ourselves and in our homes. Which, in turn, will affect our communities and society in general. And our dress is a powerful means to do just that! It IS like a billboard saying, “There is still something beautiful, noble and good in this world, and it is worth living for.”

❤️🌹Our first line of defense is the bond we must have with our husband. Besides our spiritual life, which gives us the grace to do so, we must put our relationship with our husband first. It is something we work on each day.

How do we do this? Many times it is just by a tweaking of the attitude, seeing things from a different perspective. It is by practicing the virtues….self-sacrifice, submission, thankfulness, kindness, graciousness, etc.

The articles in this maglet will help you with these things. They are written by authors that are solid Catholics, as well as authors with old-fashioned values….
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