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The Winner of the FF Giveaway! & Book Review ~ Memoirs of a Happy Failure, Alice von Hildebrand

The winner of the wonderful book, “An Easy Way to Become a Saint” and the lovely pink veil is…..

Stephanie K!

Congratulations Stephanie! I have sent you an email…

I found this book by Alice von Hildrebrand fascinating. She was a strong warrior for truth against great odds!

Teaching in a University that did not appreciate her talents, her philosophical stance, her rapport with the students, Dr. Hildebrand persevered for almost three decades teaching students how to find truth!

She was continually being accused of teaching religion and yet she never mentioned religion in her classes. She taught truth….which led the students to think….which oftentimes led them to the Catholic Faith.

She was given the worst times for teaching, and it took years for her to get some security in her job. Whereas those with much less experience climbed the ladder of success within the University, got the best times for teaching and made more income, Dr. Hildebrand was persecuted and looked down upon by her fellow teachers.

She was told she belonged in a Catholic institute. And she would have found much peace there. But she did not leave the University and stuck it out. She had a profound effect on many young lives!

Very much worth the read!

Available at Tan Books here.

On Amazon here.

“Alice von Hildebrand is a household name to many who know her from her countless EWTN appearances, books, and her extensive articles and essays. What is little known is the story of her life, notably the thirty-seven years she spent at Hunter College in New York City.  There, despite systematic opposition she left  a mark on a generation of students through her defense of truth with reason, wit, and love. By showing her students how truth fulfills the deepest longings of the heart, she liberated countless students from the oppressive relativism of the day, enabling many of them to find their way to God.  Now, for the first time, discover the details of Alice von Hildebrand’s life as a “Happy Failure,” including:

Memoirs of a Happy Failure is a fascinating and essential glimpse into the life of one of contemporary Catholicism’s most compelling minds. It is the story of courage, faith, and the grace of God acting in the world.”

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