It was a tiring but lovely 2 weeks for us. Each year, in the autumn, we run 3 booths at the Shakespeare Festival which keeps us very busy. We have our own booth which has the rosaries, the religious jewelry, the Kanzashi Flowers and Theresa’s soap.

Beside us is our grandson, Tony’s booth. It is a game booth called “Rock the Realm” where you “get to” throw stones at the chess pieces in order to knock them down. It is always a busy booth! What kid (and adult) doesn’t like to throw a few rocks!?

The other booth is one that my husband started last year. The “Mushroom Man” has mushroom tinctures, mushroom jerky, homemade mushroom soup and then deep-fried mushrooms. He does well with the booth and is a very personable salesman so he has some great times!

We bump into a lot of people that we have known through the years and we get to know others who live in the locale and touch base with them. It is two weekends in a row, from Friday to Sunday, 5pm – 11pm.

To give you an idea what the Shakespeare Festival is (because, you know, you may want to come next year!!) here is an excerpt from their website:

The Flint Hills Shakespeare Festival is a community based initiative focused on providing patrons with classical outdoor theater under the stars of Northeast Kansas.

Each fall the festival transforms a wood affectionately known as Sir William’s Hollow into an outdoor Shakespearean Amphitheater and Festival. Located in St. Marys, Kansas the festival was established in 2010 and has grown into a successful annual event. Last year’s performances saw over 6,000 theater enthusiasts attend over two weekends.

This year the play was “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” It was a great performance…with much hilarity throughout the play! We watched it under the stars on “Vendor Night” when they do the performance for those who can’t miss the festival….as both go on at the same time from Friday to Sunday. It is a wonderful experience!

A few videos from the Weekends:

Practicing for the Festival with dear friends, Ernie, Stephanie and Baby Anastasia….

Sean joins in the fun!

Here is a short clip of Angelo and our grandsons juggling. I have to admit…the whole fire stick performance was nerve-wracking for me. I didn’t realize Angelo had been practicing with the fire until a couple days before the festival. I said to him after the festival….”Remember the boys who juggled the firesticks while on top of the shoulders of another boy. And then they would toss them back and forth? At least you don’t do that!

He grinned at me and said quietly, “Yet….”

Ce C’est Bon Sung at the Festival…

A little dancing by the stage….Virginia Reel!

Festival Fun!


Below is a few galleries of this year’s festival. Click on the first picture of each gallery to view… Some of the pictures are by Invictus Photography.

Elf Ears were available to purchase and so was part of the fun for some this year. So if you see a bunch of elves running around in the photos, you will know why!

“Love and friendship are the remnants of the earthly paradise. In this vale of tears, when we encounter so many difficulties, to have people you can call friends is such a joy, such a comfort, such a gift.” -Dietrich von Hildebrand

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