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Hi there! So glad you stopped by! Let me tell you a little about myself and why I started this blog, Finer Femininity.

I am a Catholic wife and mother. I have been married to my husband, Vincent, for over 30 years and we have eleven children and 39 grandchildren…and growing!

We are a lively bunch….intense, you could call us. 🙂

For myself, besides my passion for my family, I am focused and zealous about what I do here. My goal is to help women return to the Sense of the Sacred….in every facet of life!

When I was young, I wanted to become a wife and have several children. It was my dream. I wanted to raise children, to have a great influence on them!

I needed tools, though. So I rolled up my sleeves and began to read. Books have formed me; they are my mentors, my friends. And I didn’t read just anything. I read books that spoke of an old-fashioned goodness and wholesomeness….Books written by great authors of old, by saints, by parents who were successful, wives who had good relationships, mothers who had been there, done that.

I am here to share with you these tidbits that I learned from….Morsels that will help you and your loved ones keep on that path that is grounded in that Sense of the Sacred, in every walk of your journey.

In many ways, Our Catholic Church, our society and our families have lost this sense, this reverence. We need to get back to where our families are once again venerating Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist, where the liturgy is lived inside the home, where couples are reverencing each other, children are respecting their parents…and women are cherishing and realizing their incredible role in bringing this “Sense of the Sacred” back to our homes!

This blog is like an “online magazine” where articles are shared from, mostly, guest writers that have long since gone to their eternal home….Writers who have paved the way and shared, in their books, how we, too, can have success in that very important role of wife and mother.

I put my two cents in here and there, too, and I have some wonderful friends who write an article or two on their line of expertise…..women who I consider feminine heroines in their homes!

Let us work towards being “old-fashioned” not archaic, prudent, not prudish and thoroughly and fully joyful, traditional, feminine Catholic women!

Please read the Disclaimer. 🙂

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