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Sermons and Audios

Are you hungry to learn? Do you want to grow in your faith and improve in your vocation?

Me, too! And I am hungry to have my children learn! Any help I can get I am grateful for and so I feel very blessed to have such an availability of the many resources on the web for Catholics to learn about the Faith!

There are snippets of time which are wasted that we could use to grow spiritually by listening to something…. a sermon, a podcast or a conference on apologetics… that would help us become a better Catholic, help us to better answer others who are searching for the truth or just to give us a lift, some inspiration for our own vocation and our own lives!

So…gather around and give a listen, just like the good old days!

We can listen to our favorite sermons while folding clothes (one of my own favorite times), or at homeschool “recess time” (we get out our crafts and listen), or on our way to daily Mass (I invested in a wireless speaker for my phone), etc.

We also gather most Mondays, with a bunch of the youth around here, to pray the rosary and listen to a sermon. I am inspired by the amount of young people who take part in this! Lately we have been praying and listening outside with nature enveloping us…..also with irritating flies, hungry mosquitoes and a couple of playful puppies and, of course, playful children!. No matter, it’s still good to get outside!

Don’t underestimate the power of this type of learning!! And it is so readily available.

I remember well a great man and positive motivational speaker saying that he learned much from listening to audios and that we need to use every chance we get to be learning and growing through this medium (because we can do it while doing something else that doesn’t take brain work)…..especially in our vehicles on those drives where we have some stretches of time. He called our vehicles “Rolling Universities”!

We don’t realize the time we fritter away that we could be using.

I wanted to share these with you so if you are ever at a loss on where to turn for good information, you will have many things to choose from right here.

These are the resources I use:


This first site is called Sensus Traditionis and it is by Father Ripperger. The tagline of the site is “A Website Dedicated to the Sacred Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church”. You can read his mission statement here.

Father is practical, balanced and thoroughly orthodox. His audios are here.


Veritas Caritas! This priest is amazing! You will gather much from his sermons. We have been listening to him for years. His site is here.

One of our favorite sermons by him is “Holy Families Don’t Just Happen”

Another one is “Company-Keeping”.


This has been a wonderful resource for MANY solid sermons!! It is a YouTube channel called Sensus Fidelium. Check it out!!


I am not familiar with this particular site but when I went to go on a site we have listened to a lot in the past, it was no longer available. They pointed me to this one called Regina Prophetarum, Traditional Sermons for Traditional Catholics.

From their site: In their oath of fidelity, each of these priests promised, in part, to “preserve the Deposit of the Faith in its entirety, hand it on faithfully, and make it shine forth,” and “whatsoever teachings are contrary, I shall shun.” This has been a great motivator for them in the composing and delivering of the sermons placed under the patronage of Regina Prophetarum (the Queen of Prophets).

The link is here.


This is a channel on YouTube that I use a lot. There is a wealth of sermons available on here! It is called Sensus Fidelium. Check it out here.


A dear friend told me about this site. It looks very good and has lots of sermons! The website is Pilgrim Priest.


Apologetics!! This is a great website to learn about your Faith, to be able to answer the hard questions that Protestants may have, etc. You learn about how to answer things like:

Why do you pray to Mary?

Why do you believe that Christ is truly present in the Eucharist? How can you prove it?

What makes you think your Church is the only True Church?

Faith alone is enough. How can you say that we need works along with Faith?

Etc., etc.  The link is here.

We use this resource a lot for Legion of Mary purposes.


Your Relationship!

The following link is the podcast link to Love and Respect Ministries. These are excellent podcasts for those wishing to grow in their relationship with their spouse! Keep in mind that they are Protestant. There are some I don’t listen to because it touches more on the spiritual side of things. But the podcasts on the relationships are very good! You will gain much from them if you approach it with an open heart! Be prepared to make some changes and see some changes!

The link is here.

You can also download the Podcast app on your phone and search for Love and Respect on it.


Story Time!

I just found this one and am very excited about!! It is for you mothers! It has so many great stories for your children to listen to! These are good, old Catholic stories that I have read to my own children when they were young. Here they are on Audio!! Just set your kids down and have them listen. They are great!

This one is not a site, though, it is an App called Audio Catholic Kids. You will have to download the App on your phone and hook it up to a speaker. I know that is maybe a little more techy than you may be used to but you might want to figure it out….if you have a smart phone.

The link for Androids is here.

For iphones it is here.


Remember, you become like the people you associate with. Why would you not want to rub shoulders with these zealous and wonderful priests and lay people? Absorb what they have to offer and become humble, holier and happier!


 “It is ridiculous if he who professes to be a Christian is unable to utter a word in defense of his own faith…It is this that prevents the pagans from quickly realizing the absurdity of their error. Inasmuch as, relying on falsehood, they make every effort to obscure the baseness of their teachings, while we who are the guardians of truth cannot even open our mouth, what will prevent them from despising the great weakness of our doctrine? Will they not get the idea that our teaching is deceitful and foolish? Will they not blaspheme Christ as a dissembler and deceiver who makes us of the stupidity of the majority to advance his deceit? And we are responsible for this blasphemy if we are not willing to be on the alert to speak in defense of righteousness, but rate such matters as superfluous, and concern ourselves about the things of earth.” -St. John Chrysostom

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