Catholic Mother’s Traditional Advent Journal

Before we know it, the wonderful season of preparation for Christmas will be upon us!

Introducing My New Book – The Catholic Mother’s Traditional Advent Journal!

Advent is such a special season! And this year, you can make it more meaningful than you ever have!
This Advent journal is for busy moms who need a little help making this season special within the home. It will help you stay on track and be consistent with the customs you have decided to incorporate within your four walls.
I have broken it down into bite-sized tidbits that, when laid out for you, will be easy to accomplish. As you check each item off you will get a sense of fulfillment knowing you are getting done what is truly important in this expectant season! The other things will get done….but first things first!
At midnight, on Christmas Eve, when Baby Jesus arrives, you and your family will look back upon your Advent and sigh with satisfaction, knowing you truly have celebrated with the Church, that you have put your best foot forward in making this a spiritual, enchanting, holy time for all!
The first few pages of this book will have a run-down of the special Advent customs and activities that will be on your checklist each day. They are simple, they are doable.
I hope this Advent is more special than ever as we walk hand-in-hand making the Liturgy come alive in our homes!

A peek inside the book:

Available here.

You can also download a PDF of the Catholic Mother’s Traditional Advent Journal and print it every year for your own personal use. Or, like one mother suggested, laminate the pages, put them in a binder and use a dry eraser marker on it. Voila! It is usable each year!

Click on the link to purchase the downloadable e-book!

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Take a walk through Advent as Celine and her family prepare for the coming of the Baby Jesus at Christmas! You will enjoy celebrating the beauty of the season with Celine as she helps her mom with the special traditions and activities that make the liturgy come alive in their home! Her “peanut gallery” consists of a mouse named Percy and some charming and delightful Christmas Angels! They are sure to capture your heart!

Your kids will enjoy it and it will be one of those “helps” along the way that sweetly instills Catholic culture in your children!

Available here.

A peek inside the book:

Celine’s Advent available here.

Advent Package Special! The Catholic Mother’s Traditional Advent Journal & Celine’s Advent! Available here.

Available here.


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