Photos, Photos…. Pre-Wedding, God Bless the USA


This week is going to be a photo week! I am going to post David and Margy’s wedding photos, hopefully soon.

Here are photos from before the wedding ceremony and the pictures of a “We Love Our Country” Rosary Rally we held in Topeka, KS.

After the gallery there is a few videos so come on back to the post!

Click on the first picture to view the gallery…

“I have tried to show you , that you cannot become good and strong men and women, that is, men and women of character, unless you have Will-power, and further that you will be of little or no use to your country if you are weak-willed. It has been well said that ‘the only way to be a patriotic American is to do your best to become a perfect man.’ and a perfect man you will not be unless your Will is strong.”


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