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Here is a simple outline to ensure we are carrying out our daily duties as best we can on this road we travel as Catholic women. This is my own list of what I deem the basics of a successful day. It is an ideal I strive for. You may have your own plan, and I hope you do. If this can help in any way, then I have accomplished my goal with this video.
Link to My Morning and Night Prayers.
Link to My Journals.

I have included the transcript for the video below:

I’m here to talk to you today about Two Simple Steps for a Successful Day.

I think that most ladies would like a simple outline that they can stick to each day to ensure we are carrying out our daily duties as best we can on this road we travel as Catholic women.

This is my own list of what I deem the basics of a successful day. It is an ideal I have strived for. I have successes, I have failures but at least I know this plan, it is burned into my mind so I can get back to it if I am floundering!

You may have your own plan, and I hope you do. If this can help in any way, then I have accomplished my goal with this video.



#1 – Our Prayers. Starting with our morning prayers.

Our Morning Offering is one of the most important prayers of the day. Imagine a bunch of zeroes, let’s say 9 of them on a blackboard. How much are nine zeroes worth? One big fat zero.

Now put a one if front of them. Do they become a lot more valuable?  Yes they do. Kind of changes the picture, doesn’t it?

Our Morning Offering is like that one. All of a sudden, all our thoughts, words, actions, sufferings of the day have value. Before our Morning Offering, they are not worth as much. After our Morning Offering, they are so much more valuable.

All is used as an offering to Our Lord for our own happiness and salvation, and for those we love.

I know that we often hit the ground running…nursing a baby, helping our toddler, or our alarm didn’t’ go off and we are running to school or work late. Let’s make sure we get that Morning Offering in. It’s very important.

We should try to say our whole Morning Prayers….

And I will include a link in the comments below that may be able to help you with your Morning and Night Prayers…they are what I have said throughout the years.

You should have a few other simple time slots for prayers throughout the day. Not too much and not too long. But enough to keep us and our family grounded all day long.

I usually stop midday, 3:00 to say with whoever is at home at the time our Mercy Chaplet. You could do any prayer you wish here. Maybe a Litany?  Maybe the Holy Wounds Chaplet? I have a lovely book with many different chaplets in it. You could switch it up each day if you like.  Maybe a special prayer honoring our Lords crucifixion because the hour is 3:00?

When my kids were younger we would say the Mercy Chaplet…that took 5 minutes…then I set the timer for 15 minutes for quiet time.  Then I would give them 3 choices.

They could read a spiritual book. If they were young that would mean looking at the pictures of a children’s spiritual book.

They could pray.

They could rest. And yes, sometimes they fell asleep.

It was very valuable…that quiet time with the kids. Because we lose our taste for spiritual things if we do not nourish ourselves each day. And once again, this is building a great habit with your children they can carry on throughout their lives.

So we have our Morning Prayers, our Midday prayers…then our daily rosary and our night prayers. Daily Mass if we can.

So…number one…staying grounded with prayer. Let’s keep that prayer life alive and well!

Just a note…Make sure you say simple morning and night prayers with your little people so they get in the habit of this. This is very important!

I said my own morning and night prayers by myself…hopefully before the kids got up, but not necessarily. And then I would gather the little people who weren’t old enough to say their prayers yet, I would sit down and have them kneel before me and say their prayers with them. They were simple and eventually they memorized them and could say them on their own.

This got them in the habit of morning and night prayers. Because I have met Catholics who know the necessity of saying the daily rosary and they do that. But they find the morning and night prayers daunting…because they weren’t trained as youngsters! So do that for your children…

This is the basis of a successful day! We now have the grace to do what we need to do for the rest of the day. To make the right decisions. To get our work done, To deal with any crosses, etc.


Make a List!

I sure notice a difference when I get back to making my list! I accomplish so much more…and I don’t forget so many things. I get myself a lovely journal-type book and then I turn to it during the day when I am floundering and getting distracted with things I don’t need to get distracted with…not talking about my family. They are one big blessed distraction…a good one and one that needs attending to.

But you know those other distractions….the ones we could do without…or that make us put off our priorities…until later…and then we’re too tired.

Making your list the night before is helpful. But if you haven’t done that, snag a few moments as early as possible the next day to write your list.

I use shortcuts to write mine down, For instance, MPR is morning prayers, NPR is night prayers, MCHAP is mercy chaplet. This makes the list writing quicker. And since I know the basics well, I know what I am talking about.

Many of the other items I write the whole thing out. I have made the mistake of doing shortcuts on the other non-basic things on my list and when going back to it, I couldn’t remember what it was I was writing down.  J

This list, which is my #2 step of a successful day, will help you with your #1 step – Staying Grounded with Prayer…because you write down your spiritual items at the top….After all they are top priority!

Morning Prayers, 3:00 prayer, Rosary, Night Prayers.

And if I go to daily Mass, I will come home, write down daily Mass and then check it off. Check these spiritual items off when you are done.

If you have accomplished those by the end of the day, you have accomplished the most important work of the day…because these very prayers will give us the grace to accomplish the other duties of the day!

And even if it is one of those days and we get nothing else accomplished…because of a child being sick, an unexpected visitor, a fridge that needs tending to because it quit working, etc, we still have those prayers, that time with God. And He will bless that! And will help us to embrace these other things that throw us off-kilter!

As you think of things throughout the day, add them to your list. But don’t overwhelm yourself. Stick to the priorities and a few other items. For me, I put down even the little things…like take out garbage. Then I can check it off and it does give one a feeling of accomplishment and it energizes me!

The most important ones need to be checked off by the end of the day….like make dinner, do laundry, make lunches, check on mother, etc. Write them down!!

And for those ones you think of during the day and don’t get to… Transfer them to the next day!

To get into these habits….Prayers, List-Making…is very valuable.

I want to show you a couple of examples of my list. Here’s one day.

Something must have come up this day because I don’t have much checked off. Maybe I just got distracted. That’s ok…I don’t beat myself up for that. I especially like to get my spiritual part of the list done.

Most of my days don’t have the night prayers checked off because I forget to check them off in the evening. And sometimes I do forget!

Here’s another day.

Now this day looks better! I can walk away from that day and say, “Wow, I was able to get a lot done and it looks good to have all those check marks!” There were some things I didn’t get done and I will transfer those to the next day,.

These habits help us to train our will. Regularity, order…it is the making of a saint. The daily little things are the important ones! Saying those short prayers with your kids every day, morning and night, is teaching them invaluable lessons about regularity and good habit-making.

I want to remind you that in the comments I have a link to my morning and night prayers.

I also have a link down there for my journals. I think using a journal for while can be quite helpful.

I have an Advent Journal, Lenten Journal, a Gratitude Journal and then a 30 Day Journal for boys and one for the girls. Those last 2 are in color and quite lovely! And those will help those children to stay on track for 30 days and carry some of those habits with them throughout life!

These are very good tools to help us on this journey of getting our lives in order. The link for those are in the comments.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am still on this journey. It is never perfect and life throws at us its curve balls. Sometimes we cause the curve balls! It’s not our failures that are the important thing…we are human, we will fail. It is how quickly we pick ourselves up!

So let’s remember the 2 basics of a successful day:

#1 Staying grounded with prayers

#2 Staying grounded with a list

Thank you for tuning in today. God bless you!

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