A Simple Story ~ The Day of a Tired but Persevering Mom


by Leane VanderPutten

The alarm went off. Rose stretched and slowly pried her eyes open. Already? It seemed like she had just fallen into a deep sleep. The baby had been especially restless that night and so she was sooo tired. But the day must begin.

Rose had seven children and she homeschooled. Her days were full as she wended her way doing her daily duties as best she could. Another day was upon her and life couldn’t be put off because one was tired, could it?

Turning the alarm off, Rose stretched, yawned and struggled out of bed so as not to wake the baby.

Ahhh…a few minutes to myself, she thought. She quickly brushed her hair, washed her face, got dressed and snuck out of the bedroom to her rather messy house. They didn’t have time to straighten last night so it had to be done this morning along with the other chores that the family does before school starts.

Rose looked around at the mess. She very much appreciated an orderly home, just sometimes it wasn’t possible.

How badly she just wanted to dig into her day….have breakfast, a quick cup of coffee and begin working! She knew her time was limited before the rustling of the toddler or the crying of the baby awakened the household. Hubby was off to work already so at least she didn’t have to worry about him getting woken up.

Rose knows better than to get too involved, though. She knew she needed to say her Morning Prayers. The Morning Offering and the few other prayers she begins her day with were too important. The days she has procrastinated and thought “I’ll do them later” she has either forgotten them or said them so haphazardly and “on the run” that…well…not sure God could hear them above the din…in her home and in her heart. She knew He did and He could, but she also tried to make the effort to say them better when she could. The day seemed to go better when she made that extra effort.

So she knelt down and said them as best and as reverent as she could. Her Morning Offering, prayers for her family and any travels that day, her Three Hail Marys, expressed her gratefulness to God for all the gifts received, etc.

Rose got up from her knees. Ok, now that is done, she knew she would have God’s blessing on the day and she could get started.

With a peace of mind, Rose began her day. Her children woke up and, among the mayhem, they were able to get the chores done and then a good morning of school.

As afternoon crept up on them, Rose put the baby down for a nap and helped with some schooling as well as let the children have play time. Rose got involved in organizing her laundry room and finishing a crocheting project she had been working on.

She looked at the clock and it was close to 3:00pm. They all stopped and said their afternoon prayer. It was short but it gave them a chance to look “up” in the midst of the hubbub of the day.

Rose was tired but pushed herself to do dinner…with the children’s help.

Next was the Family Rosary. It wasn’t perfect but it was a must…so it was done each evening. Because it was a part of their routine, Rose was not tempted to skip it (just for today) or to put it off…it was just part of their day and always had been.

The full moon shone in the sky, the evening was closing in and it was time for bed. Rose and her husband got the kids tucked in and then they spent some time together.

Rose went through the house to make sure all the lights were turned off and then she got ready for bed. Oh…how tired she was! She just wanted to flop into bed. But there was one thing left. Did she have to?…She was just too tired tonight.

Maybe she could forego her Night Prayers and just say her Act of Contrition? She knew God would understand.

On the other hand, she knew that could start a bad habit. So…tired as she was, Rose slipped onto her knees for a few minutes and said her Night Prayers. They weren’t long but she knew they were important.

Her day was done.

She had been tempted that day to put off her prayers or to skip some. Each day, temptations like that cropped up. Sometimes she gave in. But this day had been a good one.

Like a little chick inside the egg, making the effort to peck and peck, until it is nestled warmly and quietly under its mother’s wings, Rose had persevered and touched base with God throughout the day and she could lay her head down peacefully and fall asleep in the arms of her Heavenly Father.

Every morning, we may be tempted to put off our prayers until “later” or skip them altogether because we have much to do and action is where it is at. If we allow the devil to win in this very first struggle of the day, he will win many more of the battles throughout the day. Our Morning Prayers, whether they be said while nursing a baby or changing a diaper, need to be a priority and the very foundation of our daily life.

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