How About a Little Patriotism? ~ A Gallery!


We just had our Fourth of July party which was hosted by my son and daughter-in-law, Dominic and Sarah. They have been blessed with a lovely country setting and so each year they share it with many as we all gather to express our love for our country. He also puts on a magnificent fireworks show in the evening. It is a memorable day!

My husband’s sister, Sister Marie Hosanna is blessing us with a visit! We are all excited to see her! We gathered as a family on the day of her arrival, sang a bit, talked a lot, and just had a good time! She will make the rounds here and visit other members of her family…

A few in the parish set up a Rosary Rally in Topeka to pray for our country and to thank God for the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We gathered on a busy intersection to pray the 15 decades of the Rosary with big and little people joining us.

Below are some Videos and a Gallery….

Our son, Dominic, was the Pied Piper as the kids eagerly followed him in order to catch the parachutes as they got shot into the air…40 of them!

Ernie gets a little fancy with his sparklers!

Fun hubbub…


And our Gallery….

Some of the grandchildren. ☺️ Gin made the dresses! (I have lots of grandsons, too, but they didn’t have any dresses to show off!) 😅😉



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