A Christmas Gallery/An Update on Esther…


Before the Christmas Gallery I wanted to share with you an update on Esther as I know some of you have prayed for her and some continue to pray for her.

Esther was admitted into Children’s Mercy Hospital over a week ago. She was not sick but Mike and Jeanette went there hoping they would get admitted and very grateful that she was.

Esther has been put through many tests and her diagnosis so far is NEHI (“Knee High” Lung Disease) but there are some other things going on that they are concerned about. Her carbon dioxide level is high even with the CPAP. So they are still running tests and there will be many follow-ups once they go home.

Jeanette has been sleep-deprived. Here they are at the hospital.

The Sleep-Study Test was not a walk in the park…

Esther will have to wear a CPAP each night and during her naps to help her breathe

Thank you for your continued prayers! We are all grateful to be getting answers!

The Following is a Christmas Gallery….Normally I like to do captions but not this time.

This season, as Catholics, gives us so much opportunity to live the Liturgy within the home. It gives joy and is what makes life worth living.

                                  I hope you enjoy perusing.

The first pictures are of the stable and its construction.

St. Nicholas Day followed with much fun.

We then set up our booth for the local Christkindl Market. It was cold!

Next, Christmas pictures. And I included Theresa’s Family Pictures at the end as they were late getting them done.

Miscellaneous pictures are sprinkled in between…



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