Chit~Chat: Just a Cozy Day in January


This post is about the simple things…

It is the simple things in life, the gratitude that comes from our hearts for the simple things which makes the “humdrum” of life…not humdrum!

We can work each day at making our homes and our lives more beautiful, more peaceful and more orderly. No matter if we have many children….we can find those  little ways to make life special…for ourselves and for our families.

Here’s a beautiful quote from Charlotte Siems, mother of 12:

There’s no rewind button on parenthood.

So let’s change the way we think about the have to’s. In fact, let’s get practical. Every time you notice yourself thinking or saying “I have to….,” stop and change it to “I get to….” It causes a shift in perspective and a change in your energy.

“Get to” comes from a grateful heart. “Get to” implies honor and thankfulness and privilege and excitement.

“Have to” comes from a fearful heart. “Have to” creates overwhelm and victimhood and dread and anxiety.

Sometimes we change our insides by starting with the outside. Disciplining our words can help us discipline our thoughts. Yes, out of the heart the mouth speaks, but words have power and it can work the other way, too.


Yesterday was a lovely day. I couldn’t make it to Mass in the morning…the residuals of a stomach flu was hanging on. Nonetheless it was a great day and I thought I would chit-chat a bit with you.

Here is my table.  The doily is the Christmas gift Rosie gave me 3 years ago. The bouquet was given to Hannah by her best friend, Madeline.

I usually keep a tea light lit on the table…at least in the winter. I plan to get a good amount of them and have them blessed at Candlemas so that I will always be burning a blessed candle!

Yes, that’s my List Book on the table, this wasn’t a “posed” picture…

It’s being used a lot lately. Like everyone, I go in an ebb and flow depending on what life is sending my way. For the last while, I have been quite solicitous in using my List Booklet to keep my life organized. It always makes such a difference!

I usually get up in the mornings before everyone else. I light my candle on the table and start my diffuser that Hannah gave me last year. I put the Holiday Blend Essential oil in it. I then turn the Christmas lights on throughout the house for a warm and cozy glow.

As you can see, we still have our decorations up for Christmas. They will be hanging around until close to The Purification of Our Lady, Candlemas, which is Feb. 2nd. It’s always nice to get the space back (our Nativity is big, as you know) but it is also sad to see them go.

It will look sparse for awhile here…which is perfect for Lent (fast approaching!)

Hannah and Gemma just got back from Topeka. They were dressed nicely (every day seems like a “dress-up day” when you wear skirts), but today was especially nice.

Here is Hannah’s outfit for your inspiration. All of it was bought at our favorite resale/coffee shop called God’s Storehouse. We very seldom buy new clothes.

Her sweater is very pretty. It wouldn’t be a sweater to wear if you have kids! Or, at least, only for Sunday Mass! But a single girl can get away with it.

Gemma is wearing her Christmas colors. She got this outfit from God’s Storehouse, too. The skirt was originally $75 and she got it for $6! Quite a deal!

Hannah has been using her relaxing time in between work and babysitting to do a bit of crocheting. She just finished this lovely hat. She so wanted to keep it for herself but had already told one of her married sisters they could have it. Haha She’ll just have to get busy and make another one! Here is the pattern if you want to try your hand at it!

She likes these little leather-like tags she found at Hobby Lobby!

And just a random picture. I got these Women’s 1920s Sequin Shawls Sparkly Flapper Evening Wrap Capes” for the girls for Christmas. Pretty, aren’t they? Perfect for a feast day!

We are at the beginning of saying a 54 Day Rosary Novena. We usually say one or two of those a year. There are always so many special petitions that we feel we need a little extra ooomph to get answers for the bigger problems of life! It is very powerful and efficacious. Maybe you would like to try one yourself? Here is the link to get the booklet. And yes, we say it in place of our family rosary each day. It has extra prayers for each mystery…

Make sure and write down your petitions so you can see and remember how God has answered your prayers!

The Feast of the Holy Family was Sunday, January 8th. Here a couple of very good sermons to inspire you on that difficult but rewarding path!


As a gift from a dear priest friend, I was sent this delicious coffee! 

Here is a tidbit about the coffee…

Patris Roasting Co. was founded in 2020 by parishioners of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church. Our goal is to provide specialty grade coffee to those who are passionate about quality and freshness.
So…if you would like to give someone an amazing cup of coffee for a gift or just savor the flavor yourself, take a look at their website, Patris Roasting,  here. You would be supporting a good cause!

May you all have a lovely rest of January and Christmas season! Time flies so quickly, make the most of each moment!



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