The Most Intimate and Enduring Friendship


God is good. And He has given us many gifts. The most special gift of all….our husbands.

We must look at him as a gift….straight from the Hand of God.

Today we can make a choice on how our attitude is going to be toward that one special person in our lives.

Will we see his virtues today? Will we shun those negative thoughts that the devil likes us to dwell upon….those thoughts that can so easily  cause a rift in our friendship?

We must make it a priority to nurture the friendship of our husband.

Not only will it make you and your husband happier, but it will have such far reaching effects on our children….supplying them with security and happiness in a world gone astray.

Take the time out today to make him feel special. Say an extra prayer for him. Write a note to him. Let him know you care.

Not only will it make his day, it will make yours! It will put a smile on your lips that you can pass on to your children!

From The Catholic Family Handbook by Father Lovasik:

The Catholic Family Handbook

Genuine love is unselfish.

Your love is selfish when you love your spouse for what he or she can give you by way of pleasure, convenience, or material advantages.

Selfish love is one of the main reasons many marriages are unhappy and break up.

Your love is unselfish when you love your spouse for his or her sake, for what you can give.

This unselfish love between human beings, when mutual, is called friendship.

The most intimate and enduring friendship of all should be that between husband and wife.

Among Christians, this love should be raised to the higher plane of supernatural charity – the love of another person because of the person’s relationship to God.

When you chose each other for life, you did so because you loved each other and wished to give each other your entire self.

Time will make its mark upon your physical attractions, but the gift of your mind and heart should grow with the years.

The essence of marriage is this mutual outpouring of love, of your giving everything to each other.

Are your thoughts building a castle or a manure pile? It is vital to control the thoughts we have in our most important relationship…the one with our husband!

“Every effort we make to forget self, to leave self behind us, and to devote ourselves to the labor of making every person with whom we are bound to live, happy, is rewarded by interior satisfaction and joy. The supreme effort of goodness is,—not alone to do good to others; that is its first and lower effect,—but to make others good.” Rev. Bernard O’Reilly The Mirror of True Womanhood, 1893 http://amzn.to/2n7UGei (afflink)




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