Spiritual Tidbits from Father Kenneth Walker


For those who are not familiar with the story, Father Kenneth Walker was a young priest (and good friend) that got murdered on June 11, 2014. I am fortunate to have some of his thoughts that he had written down (from his parents) and I am sharing them with you.

The Beauty of the Four Seasons

As the year goes by, the seasons change. Fields that were once covered with green grass become blanketed with snow. A lake used for swimming in the summer becomes a place to play hockey in the winter.

Though the four seasons are so different, they nevertheless keep a constant beauty. The summer gives us green grass and shining lakes while the fall is colored with leaves of yellow, red, brown, and orange shades, along with fruit on the trees.

The snow falls in the winter and provides us with the purity of white, and in the meantime, ice glistens like diamonds on the trees. The spring brings leaves to the trees and flowers to our gardens, all to our heart’s delight.

I imagine that God gave us four different seasons to enjoy so that we would not be bored with the monotony of just one specific climate. Therefore, He gave us these distinct seasons, each with their own aspects of beauty. This demonstrates the generosity and creativity of our God.

So let us be thankful to our God, and rejoice in these seasons, which He has given to us out of the goodness of His heart.

The Importance of Punctuality

When we take a look at the world around us and witness actions such as planes flying through the air, trains passing us on their tracks, and classes of Latin being taught, it gives us a sense of progression (not in the modernist sense), whether in mind or body, for the good of those who use these means to progress.

Hence, since time, in this case, is simply the limitation of development in any given effort of progress, this essential element must be used wisely for the best and most efficient results. So, given that one has chosen to progress in some area that bears some influence in his life, e.g. the study of Latin, he must use his time harmoniously with others, especially the one to whom he gives credit as the chief cause of his progress in the practical sphere.

This harmony between time and working with other people, then, is what we call punctuality, for punctuality is the habit of using one’s time the best way in respect to an act of society for a particular event of progression.

Punctuality is very important in these events, for then each person gives due respect to the one on whom his progress depends and possesses discipline for the work involved, whatever it may be.

In a negative sense, i.e. if one does not observe punctuality, then this person causes a disturbance in the means of progress, such as a professor teaching his class, and the distraction of those present, as well as being unwise in his use of time.

For these reasons, as well as reasons of order and virtue within the soul of the individual, punctuality is shown to be of great importance in one’s daily life and schedule. Of this importance we can be sure, because Christ Himself was punctual for His Passion and Death.

True Friendship

My ideal friend would possess real love, which is only characteristic of true friendship. If we had much in common, it would increase the bonding, for then there would be much understanding between us. This is why it would be best if he or she was Catholic.

Not only would this be good because we share the same faith, but also because a devout Catholic would possess the supernatural virtues, which would increase his or her ability to love. That way, there would be charity as well as love contained in friendship.

Of course, the Faith is not the only quality that we would have in common. Similar interests in recreational activities, work, reading, and types of study might benefit both of us.

These are secondary aspects of friendship, and so are usually what lie on the surface. Nevertheless, they still produce a bonding effect, which contributes to the good of the friendship.

I would regard such a person, with these qualities, as the ideal friend, for there would be charity between us which would cause a bond of friendship not often found in this world.

What it really boils down to, though, is that this is actually the love which we reflect from God, who is the source of all love.

Why do I Want to Become a Priest?

When I had come to realization of the fact that there are a variety of false ideologies in the world, all of which to a greater or lesser extent deny man’s purpose in life, it had also occurred to me that this ignorance of a meaning in life is accompanied by a void present in the heart of any who embrace these errors.

These people, deprived of truth by the influence of the world, will look for meaning in the lesser goods instead of the supernatural end that God has established for them in their dignity. It is this problem in the world that I feel is most essential to address as I briefly explain my reasons for desiring to become a priest.

God, in His infinite love, desires all men to be saved and so achieve their true end. Along with the Church, then, I am deeply grieved by these errors concerning the nature and dignity of man accepted by so many people in the world, which deviate them from their supernatural end.

In full view of the situation in the world, then, the only vocation that I could be satisfied with, as a work, would be one that would be dedicated to bringing people to salvation in whatever way God wills for me to do so.

This work is best carried out by the priesthood, which was instituted by Christ specifically for the care of souls, for by means of the Sacraments and the teaching of the faith to the people, the people receive both the truths of the faith and the sanctifying grace needed for the spiritual life.

I have discovered in my encounters with others that the most essential truths, especially of the faith, are not really accepted unless accompanied by grace, which, although given directly by God, must also be accepted.

On top of viewing the priesthood in this way, I also feel called by God for this vocation, and so wish to pursue it to find out if it is indeed the work that God has intended for me to do in accordance with His Most Holy Will.

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