Traditional Family Weekend 2023 ~ Videos & Photos


Sometimes it’s hard to live a joyful, Catholic life in an un-Catholic world. That’s when you reach out and bring Catholic Culture to your own little world!

And that’s what we did years ago when we had our first Traditional Family Weekend. Yes, it’s been almost twenty years, we have had our bumps and made our mistakes but we have seen very good fruit come from these weekends. Couples have met, families have interacted, good times have been had, our souls have been nourished.

This year, the weather was perfect. In Kansas, it is usually well into the 90’s and even 100’s. But this year, there was a chance of rain and an unusual cooler weather mass hung out for the weekend. So the outdoor games were much more comfortable with the temperatures in the 80’s.

Friday night we had games and live music, coffee, food and visiting. Saturday we had the conferences by Father Elijah Mundattuchundayil, FSSP, Games and the Talent Show. Sunday was a breakfast sponsored by our Traditional Knights of Columbus (with all proceeds going to an ultrasound machine to be used for Pro-Life purposes) and then sports in the park.

We had friends of Father VanderPutten in Nigeria come for the weekend. One traveled from Minnesota and the other from Maryland!

I have the videos of the Talent Show Acts on my Finer Femininity Channel. Here is the link if you would like to view them….

A few shots from the Talent Show… Link is here for the Acts.

Below is the gallery…

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