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Today I’d like to offer you a Giveaway!!

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The winner will receive these lovely items!

Just leave a comment here on this post and your name will be added to the “hat”! Winner will be announced next Friday, September 8th!

An Easy Way to Become a Saint

A very optimistic book showing how an “ordinary” Catholic can become a great saint without ever doing anything “extraordinary”–just by using the many opportunities for holiness that to most people lie hidden in each day. Written with an assurance of success that is totally convincing and infectious. Many easy but infallible means of reaching great sanctity.

Pink Sheer Rose Veil

“Veil by Tradition” Dangle Trim Veil/Scarf with a touch of sparkle. Lovely!


“Where is there a virtue that spreads around itself so many blessings as that of chastity? But it is a very tender virtue, most like a tender flower which is injured by the slightest touch and by the least breath of cold. Therefore it is that according to the will of God the Christian home must serve as its sheltering place and protection; there it ought to be carefully guarded; there, especially by the vigilance of the mother, everything ought to be refused entrance that could injure it; there it must be fostered and cherished…”

Pictures have a powerful appeal for the one-year-old and two-year-old. You can encourage his interest in religion by showing him paintings of great events in the life of Our Lord. You will find him an interested viewer and listener if you show him pictures of Baby Jesus, and the Holy Family, and of Biblical incidents. ~Rev. George Kelly

Bella Soaps! These soaps are pleasing to the eye and have a refreshing and lovely creaminess while keeping the standards of being an all-natural soap! They are 100% natural, using all fragrances from 100% Essential Oils and colors from all natural sources! These soaps truly are amazing and you will be coming back for more. REVIEW: These soaps are beautiful!! I purchased the six pack recently. Very gentle, creamy and they smell lovely. My husband even commented on how soft my skin was and how wonderful I smelled after I used them! I even have one on my dresser and our bedroom smells lovely! It’s a gentle scent but it lingers the way you’d like it to. They all smell wonderful – citrus, lemongrass and lavender are my favorites but peppermint and orange patchouli will be wonderful to have for the fall and Christmas seasons! Available here.

Labor Day Sale!

Discover the joy of learning with TAN Books’ back-to-school-sale! Elevate your child’s education by receiving a free course with the purchase of any book or textbook from our selection of Catholic homeschool curriculum. Explore titles like Formed in Christ: A Light to the Nations, or To Do Justice and to Love Mercy, immersing students in subjects like Ethics, history, civics, and more. Our Catholic curriculum seamlessly incorporates the Catholic Faith into your child’s education, whether for homeschooling or supplemental education. Purchase any title from our TAN homeschool curriculum now and embrace the beauty of Catholic education!

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