🍂Homespun Creativity ~ Fall Decorating🍁


How do we foster love within our families? There are many ways, and we do them each day! One way is to express warmth and welcome in the way we decorate our home.

Fall is such a beautiful season! And it is a time when we can let our creative juices flow!

While most are getting ready for what is said to have become the one of the most-decorated holidays….Halloween….we prefer to celebrate the beauty of the vibrant colors and the deepening autumnal crispness with our own expression of this time of the year!

Beauty is as necessary to the spirit as food and clothing are to the body. Fortunately, beauty is easy to invite into any home, for beauty has many faces.

What is beautiful to you? What makes you smile or your spirit soar? That is the beauty that should surround you in your home, and it will be shared with all who come to visit.Seek out beauty in whatever form it speaks to you.

Surround yourself with beauty. In the process, you will be creating something truly beautiful as well: a lovely home graced with a happy, welcoming spirit.

Emilie Barnes

Below are the decorations of this season. Rosie and Hannah joined forces and did most of the decorating. I sure appreciate it as it would be a lot less if I was doing it….and not as pretty!

(Keep in mind that these decorations were collected through the years…and for the most part, were purchased from Thrift Stores.)

Our Infant of Prague is always in a place of prominence. Right now, He is on the wood stove. He will be moved once we have to fire it up. I have lovely gowns that I change during the seasons. We go to Him for intercession when we have financial issues or when there is an emergency we need an answer for….that’s when we do the 9-hour novena!

St. Joseph, St. Therese and the Pieta have special places that move around with the decorations….

Our Lady always graces the corner under the Crucifix. We will pray the rosary here in the living room during the winter. Margy did the needlework picture on the wall of Our Lord crowned with thorns.

Right now, we take rosary walks or sit/kneel by the Mary Garden to pray. Falls in Kansas are fabulous!

Gin gave me this wood centerpiece foundation last year for my birthday. So I am able to build a little seasonal centerpiece for the table. Here is what is gracing my table right now….

Some more decorations throughout the house….

Gin decorating our Shakespeare Festival Booth…which is coming up this weekend. It will be two weekends of loveliness…much celebration and camaraderie! The play this year is “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”…

Angelo and I went for a Rosary walk. I spotted this lovely little fall scene and so I braved the ticks and chiggers, climbed into the brush and got Angelo to take the picture.

I took this picture on a different Rosary walk…

All my girls like to decorate their home. Each has their own style…from simple to more extravagant. I happened to be at Gin’s yesterday for potluck and thought I would include some of her own decorations along with some of her stunning flowers….

Question: If the home is such a powerful factor in the future of the children of a nation, why are such powerful groups in the nation arrayed against the home?

Answer: Precisely because the home is powerful. If it were not an important institution, the enemies of God and of man would leave it alone. Because the people who control the home control the future, because parents are the first representatives of God on earth, because within the home is the hope of morality . . . . for these reasons the men who wish to control the future, who hate God, and who would for their own selfish purposes wipe out morality attack the home openly or subtly.
-Fr. Daniel A. Lord, S.J.. Questions People Ask About Their Children, 1950’s

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