The Winner Is! & Other Paraphernalia (New Grandbaby, etc.)


We have a new little grandbaby!

….this is number 31 and there are three more on the way! God is good.

Everything went well for Theresa. He is a little boy and his name is Adam Joseph, 7lbs. 12 oz.! They will have a double Baptism as Devin’s brother and sister-in-law, John Paul and Julianna, also had a baby on the same day!

Nurse Sarah with newborn baby.

Happy parents!

At the Birth Center for the post-partum checkup, two brothers with their wives pose for a picture.

Cousins…. (Paulina and Adam)

Grandma (me)

Theresa a couple days before baby was born.

New mamas…Theresa (Tweety) and Virginia (Gin)

St. Valentine’s Day Fun!

Gemma and Angelo headed up a lot of the activities for the evening.

Gemma had the kids write out St. Valentine cards for their cousins.

Fun conversations!

Colin…The holes are from hard work….(not to be in style) hehe

The girls decided to learn a little ukulele!

Vin & Gin…at home with their new ride.

The girls are at their favorite place…God’s Storehouse. Doing a little proselytizing.

Vincent is building this fireplace for our daughter and son-in-law, Mike and Jeanette.

Dominic and his niece, Anne Marie.

Anne Marie

Colin makes bread

Zaelie makes dinner. 🙂

Birthday party for our grandchild and Godchild, Agnes!

Hubby is not usually so much on the ball for St. Valentine’s Day. This year he surprised me with these beautiful roses!

A couple of Valentines!

Margy is making a blanket for David for St. Valentine’s Day.

Working on the Cabochons for my jewelry and rosaries.

Rag Curls on Margy!

“DON’T take a picture of my face!”

Curls, curls, curls!

Togetherness… Look at that hairdo on Avila! haha

When I am listening to Democrats. There. My big political statement of the year.

I want to thank all of you for your very kind words on the comments of the Giveaway! Not one of them went unnoticed and I was touched by your encouragement and goodness. You have been an amazing support to me as I continue to do this website. It is a joy to me…so are you. You are in my prayers, please keep us in yours. I depend on them. 

And now….


Congratulations, Martha! I have sent you an email!


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