Words fail me as I sit here trying to express the loss we all feel at having Mom/Grandma/Great-Grandma gone.

The last week before her death was extra rough. She was with us at home, in her apartment. We had a nice hospital bed for her from Hospice in her living room. The family was keeping watch, sponging her mouth, giving her water and medication, as needed, being there around the clock. The couples, with all the grandchildren came every night.

By Tuesday I felt for sure she was going to leave this world. Hubby said. “I bet she will wait until Friday…so she will be rewarded with the promise of going to heaven the first Saturday after death”

This is called the Sabbatine Privilege. It is attached to wearing the scapular and has certain conditions (all of which Mom fulfilled in her life).

I couldn’t believe she would hold on that long…but she did. An hour before the First Saturday of the month, 11:00 p.m., Mom passed to the next life amid tears, prayers and songs. We continued to pray and sing until midnight. It was very moving. I will include here her obituary, some photos and a lovely poem by a friend.

One day I will do a Tribute, telling a little more about her life, to the most wonderful woman I know….


On September 4, 2020, Beulah Louella Weeres passed away at age 83 after a brief illness.

Beulah was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. She lived on a farm and had eight siblings. It was a hard but good life.

Beulah married in 1957 to Vince Weeres. They had six children. Two sons have preceded her in death, Steven and Paul Weeres, who resided in Canada. Her husband, Vincent, also preceded her. She is survived by four children: Michael Weeres: Kitimat, B.C., Canada, Brent Weeres: Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, Leane VanderPutten: Rossville, KS and Janice Weeres: Rossville, KS. She is also survived by 28 grandchildren and 43 great-grandchildren.

Beulah lived a very full life…

After her marriage, in her twenties and early thirties, she worked as a Nurse’s Aide for 13 years at the Grey Nun’s Hospital in Regina, Canada. She did not have her driver’s license so she would walk the mile to and from work. They were poor, so the money was needed. She spent the years after she left her career, caring for her growing children.

A few years following their move to the U.S.A. (in 1990), at the age of 62, after studying and working hard, Beulah received a Doctorate in Naturopathy. She used these talents, along with her giving and generous heart, to care deeply for her family and neighbors. She did this not out of obligation or for monetary gain, but because of who she was.

She was always the first to offer help. No matter how ill she felt herself, or what worries she was experiencing, she always ensured that every person who crossed her threshold left feeling safer, healthier, and happier.

Beulah’s Catholic Faith was her driving force in everything she did. It was the foundation of her life and she spread that hope and joy to whoever asked her for advice….and there were many. The daily Rosary and daily Mass was her lifeline.

She arose early in the morning to pray and each day was dotted with conversations with the Blessed Mother and her Beloved Son. Beulah’s faith, perseverance and devotion will echo through her children and grandchildren and the Faith that they also carry in their hearts.

Beulah spent her remaining seven years in an apartment attached to the home of Vince and Leane (her daughter) VanderPutten. Those remaining days she shared her heart and her home to her family and friends and her family took loving care of her.

She was surrounded by her loved ones at home, singing and praying, as she crossed the threshold into the next life….

Rest in peace Mom/Grandma/Great-Grandma. We love you and you will be greatly missed!

I designed the Holy Card….




I remember Mamma’s rosary, it was always in her hands,
With her fingers working quickly across the beaded strands.

With the words of each Hail Mary, her worries fell away,
As she’d go about her housework and sanctify her day.

With trust she’d always grab them when things would go astray,
Mixing rosary beads and tear drops, as silently she’d pray.

She could pull one out of nowhere, and they seemed to multiply.
As she’d pass one out to each of us, we dare not roll our eyes!

It’s funny, how years later, as I sit with her in Mass,
I spy the same old rosary beads she holds upon her lap.

There’s a peaceful look of Heaven as she prays on every bead,
With her total trust in Jesus supplying all her needs.

But when that day shall come I dread, when she is here no more,
I’ll pray those special rosary beads just as she had before.

(©2011 Donna Sue Berry) Thank you, Donna Sue Berry!

Requiescat in pace, Mom.+ Oct. 31, 1936-Sept.4, 2020

Below is a gallery. We were able to livestream the Wake/Rosary, the Funeral High Mass and the Burial for my two brothers who live in Canada so they could take part…