I hope you are all doing well and navigating, as well as keeping your chin up and your eyes on Our Lord, through these interesting times.

Hubby and I both had Covid. It wasn’t the worst flu we’ve had…mine was more long-lasting than Vincent’s. I was out of commission for two weeks and then took another week to get back to normal. I still don’t have much taste or smell but I feel very well. We’ve done our research and did lots of natural things for it. Like any bad flu, we are grateful to have it behind us…

Saturday, the Feast of St. Nicholas,Β  we will have a lovely event for the grandchildren. Angelo will head it up again. I will share pictures afterwards. Here’s a post on the St. Nicholas Day Puppet Show.

Advent has arrived and we took time to get our stable up on Saturday…so we were actually on time for the First Sunday of Advent! That’s what happens when you have older kids! πŸ™‚ It was a grand time and I thought I would share with you the pictures, along with some other fun photos!

Here is a link for the wonderful Advent custom of the Spiritual Christmas Crib, in case you haven’t seen it or forgot about it!

And while you are at it you may want to look back at this post by Paula Rutherford and take a walk with her through Advent to Christmas!

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