The following post is for your creative inspiration. It is good to have some kind of craft or hobby going. It lightens the spirit!

Being creative is something that we love to do here!

We all have some sort of creativity within us. Oftentimes it lays dormant because of busy lifestyles, lack of ambition, finances, etc.

This post is meant to encourage you to pick up that needle, that paintbrush, pick that bouquet for the middle of your table, get your camera and go out in nature to take a photo, etc. These things bring joy to the one who is creating and joy to the recipients! It doesn’t have to take a degree, lots of money or tons of time.

I think it is very important to bring back to life the creativity that God has given us! Don’t let your lifestyle get so busy that you don’t squeak in a little something, just a moment or two where you can let those creative juices flow! It is like therapy to a weary soul!

These past few months we have done some creating around here. I love the beauty of such innovative things and so…. I take pictures!!

Some of my girls are not creative in the way you would think of creativity. I tell you this because there are many ways to express ourselves….baking, a lovely dinner, a beautiful garden, etc. It’s not all about a needle and some yarn….Find your niche and begin your innovative path!

Here’s a picture of me with all of my girls. They are all so unique and very special! They have creative streaks, every one of them, expressing  them in different ways. I don’t have pictures of each one’s “streaks” but I have included some of them here.

Rosie has been working on crocheting the Baptismal gown for David and Margy’s new little one that is due in about a week. She finally got it done, down to all the embellishments and waited for a good moment to present it to them. Margy was pleased!

Gin made the slip and crocheted the emblem of Our Lady on it. So sweet!


Our daughter-in-law, Sarah, loves to make tallow (rendered from beef) and soap (made with her fresh goat milk). She is very savvy when it comes to matters pertaining to natural healing. So, depending what the person she is giving the gift to is going through, she may add some special essential oil to the lovely tallow that seems to work wonders for many skin conditions!

Dominic is getting ready to cut the soap.

Augustine helps….

Her lovely tallow.

Augustine helps….haha

Here’s Margy’s cute egg for Easter….

She has been into needlework lately, too. Here is what she is working on for someone who is probably looking at these pictures. Namely…me and hubby! Time consuming and detailed, that’s for sure!


Gin is busy with many things! Here is a pinafore she made for Emma….

Here is a dress she made for herself. Pretty complicated…..

At a cousin’s wedding….

More projects for Easter…..

Colin and Z’s projects right now include putting up fencing and taking care of their many goats they are raising. Wish I had some photos…but next time! Here are a couple from Easter. Charlotte finds her basket! And the kids are happy!

Jeanette has been busy with many things outside! She has a new greenhouse this year and is excited about starting many plants in it! Her and Mike have been planting trees and flowers and other projects to beautify their home.

I went to Theresa’s to do a photo shoot for her new line of wonderful, completely natural homemade soap! Right now she is selling locally but hopes to expand onto my Etsy Shop eventually. Here’s a peek….

Coffee Cedarwood Exfoliating:

Coffee Cedarwood Exfoliating

Activated Charcoal (very good for drawing impurities out of the skin):

Honey Oatmeal Soap….

Sunrise (Lemon Mint, I think)

Rosemary Mint….


A gift for my birthday….

Here’s a little bit of God’s Handiwork. We had a pretty good snow 3 days ago. It covered the blossoming trees and tulips, etc. The first picture was taken in our yard in the morning. The second one of the same place in the evening….

We must take great care to be encouragers of our children. They will only be with us for a short time. What kind of legacy do we want to leave for our children? ….One of hope, love and inspiration or one of negativity and criticism? Take those moments today to listen to them, to smile at them and to see the wonderful good inside of them. Let’s start the habit today of seeing the positive in our children!

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