Always Choose Love


Don’t ever be too busy that you lose focus on your relationship with hubby. Nurture it, keep it lovely and fresh. It is worth it and pays great dividends!

From 100 Ways to Love Your Husband by Lisa Jacobson (used with permission)

Celebrate Your Anniversary

Do something special together and recognize the grand occasion that it is. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, just thoughtful and memorable. Do the same thing each year. Or maybe your tradition can be to do something different each year.

Don’t hang out with friends who put him – or their own husbands – down.

So destructive. Let your friends know that you love them, but that you are incredibly loyal when it comes to your man. You won’t stand for put-downs or critical remarks. If they love you? They’ll want to support you and your marriage.

Tell him how attracted you are to him.

Let him know about the magnetic pull you feel for him.

Back him up in his decision-making.

He’ll value your support. As much as possible, go with his lead. This will give him confidence and, most likely, make it that much easier – if or when – you do disagree with him. He’ll be more likely to listen to and respect you because he knows you wouldn’t go against it without good reason.

The Lord can heal your hurts.

Your husband cannot. So don’t resent him for something he can’t do. Psalm 147: 3

Write little love notes.

Tuck them in his lunch. Or write on the bathroom mirror. Send a text or a quick email. Passing secret love notes never goes out of style.

Embrace your differences. If you were both the same? How boring would that be. So rather than trying to form him into a male version of yourself, be glad you each have your own unique strengths and personality.

Express enthusiasm for his plans and ideas.

Worry about the practical application and serious possibilities later. Let your first response be positive and encouraging! That’s what gives him courage to try new things and consider new adventures.

Keep tenderness in your love.

Don’t let hardness or sharpness creep in to make it brittle. Protect your love from outside pressures and stresses that can spill over into your relationship with him.

Always choose love – again and again.

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